Addressing The Billboards Music Awards 2015

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Hey guys so today I’m going to be addressingthe BBMAs yuup.

So let’s start with non either than Zendeya. e8707de0dec3cb9353b10985bc432457

Okay so like the first time I saw this outfit I was like “wait, back the truck up, what is going on here?” I’m not gonna lie I did not like this outfit much at all but then I looked at it and like analysed it a bit more top to bottom and I was like dang she got it going. Zendeya showed her true personality in this outfit and she really had it out there. Seriously I like this outfit and the blue little details there are just a bonus, I like the detail and patterns on the outfit although I’m not fond of the orange little pieces I still think the outfit is put together very nicely and for Zendeya.

Then we had Iggy Azalea.


What more is there to say rather than its perfect..I love the outfit in Iggy like this just made it for me I mean for a sexy body like Iggys’s this was the outfit. I love the way it holds her, all in the right places. I’m not gonna say I love the heels though, I don’t know but they just not for me, I simply do not like the color even though it is a real good combination with the hair.

The skirt is nice, short and simple, I’m not sure about the little details though, I don’t know I’m just not that crazy about them.

The top piece is a beaut really I’m loving it, shows enough skin. Love the way the boobs are showing, just enough to leave you wordering.

well done Iggy.

Then we had…

Kylie Jenner

ย f83216cace71b63e819a957ef51cd375Okay I really love the outfit don’t get me wrong but like I feel like she was squishing all her intestines and stuff like no I think the belt needs to be let loose just a little more. She’s sexy we know it but here it just looks too much as if shes uncomfortable really.

There’s a lot to say about those shoes I mean girl!! I would buy these anytime they just look really good, showing those sexy legs in a sexier way and matching the dress. I love this outfit really just the belt girl.

Then we had her..


Like can we pweedy pweedy please talk about this outfit…like she had it all going for her. Mariah Carey wore this for her vision of love performance and dang she had me feeling hot. What’s not to love? I mean this was just beautiful The pants had her beautiful body carved out and those shoes to die for like ooh…The top was like girl take it off, give it to me!!I love the color too and the hair and make up just went very well together. I give this outfit a 10.

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