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Before you say “you’re so late, that was like on the 4th of May”  I know, but that doesn’t mean I can’t talk about the trends I just noticed[excuse me].



I was looking at some of the pictures from the gala and I was like wait,  wait, wait did they plan? Cause yes Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé Knowles and Kim Kardashian wore dresses that looked kinda similar, okay they were all almost naked.


Jennifer Lopez wore a red nude sheer gown that Donatella Versace custom made just for her, the dress showed her beautiful curves in magnificent ways, I mean looking at the picture above you just wanna touch that. I love the color of the dress, for me if goes very well with her.
The dress had a dragon like figure wich gave off the impression of fierce just like her.
I loved the dress on her but I don’t see myself wearing it, but who knows? I just think it’s in another way which I don’t like especially the mermaid part.

Beyoncé wore a gold shimmery dress. Let’s just say with the body that Beyoncé has the dress Complimented everything very well and she totally made a grand entrance.
Apparently the singer thought the outfit was too constumey so she asked for her hairstylist to  change her hairstyle in the elevator on the way to the gala, says Neal Farinah(Beyoncé’s hairstylist). And I say that the pony was worth a shot cause it did not look like it was done in a rush, it actually suited the dress. I again like the dress on Beyoncé herself but could never see myself in it.

Kim Kardashian West wore a sexy white, shimmery gorgeous gown which emphasised everything very well.The dress for me was beautiful, she looked like she owned that red carpet, am I the only one thinking ice queen? Cause she looked like a goddess. She owned the look and it was just made for her I will not go on and talk a whole of rubbish because the dress was great on her and the end of the dress went very well too. The dress is a 10/10.

In all the three looks my favorite if you haven’t noticed is the third one because Kim really owned it and I think it’s just goregeous and I could see myself wearing it even though I don’t think I would look as good as Kim does but it’s worth a shot.

Which look do you prefer?


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  1. I agree loved Kim Kardashian’s dress the most as well. As much as i liked bey’s and Jennifer’s look, they made it seem like they were trying to hard. Like you said, Kim owned her look!

    1. Totally, and I believe because we don’t see many white see-through dresses it just makes it even better.☺

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