Happy Birthday to a lengendary man.

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Happy Birthday Tata, Happy birthday to the man we all love, the man we all look up to and the man who has set clear paths for us.

okay before you start saying ”hey do you see the time, do you see that you are late?” yuup i do see that im late and that looks wrong, but i feel like whether i say happy birthday today or tomorrow it does not matter what matters is that I finally wished my father a happy birthday.

I myself never got the chance to meet Tata face to face but from looking at him on the tv or listening to him on the radio, I loved him lots so today even though tata does not get the chance to wake up and see the sunlight or see how many people are excited about today he deserves and should have a great one and know that we shall forever treasure the memories with him.

so happy birthday tata, we love you and forever will. We hope that wherever you are, you are still looking down on us because even though you have thought us many things we are nothing without you.


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