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Adressing the Teen Choice Awards

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Okay so I’m not sure if there’s a dress code at the TCA but from the pics that I’ve seen I think it’s a free situation where you wear  what makes you feel like you and as simple as possible..

I didn’t like everything that went around there but here are some of the looks I liked or at least liked half the piece.


Okay let’s start with Lucy Hale who for me look gorgeous, you know simple, enough skin to still keep her looking elegant and classy,,I feel like this whole piece was just beautiful for the event you know not too much but not too little and that smile, let’s just keep it on.


Emma Roberts, can we first just notice the way it looks on her! I mean I don’t know I will not like it on anybody else  but her. I feel like it suits her you know the simple serious but friendly look. I just love everything about it the 2 gold squares just puts it on that line..,though I feel like if someone else had to wear it like me it’d have to be a bit shorter.


So Bella wore this section little number and I mean can you look sexier than this! Most people would say that this look was too much but rubbish this is it! I mean sexy legs + a nice looking cleavage =you are breaking necks…I rest my case.


Can we just take a few minutes to observe carefully what has been laid out to us. I love this, in fact I’d wear this any day. I mean who doesn’t like all white and a little colour plus jewelery , I mean Geer Grammer looks fabulous here she looks like some typa sexy goddess..


Okay I like this don’t get me wrong but I feel like it could have been a different colour you know different patterns…I just do not feel this the way that i should be…I like the shape and the dress itself but everything for me just doesn’t do it…Big ups on the heels..


We all know Zendaya for her fabulous fashion sense and uniqueness and that’s why you see what you see..I loved the way that this outfit looked together, I mean it’s black and white who are you to criticise…but anyway loved this outfit but I didn’t understand the top, had a hard time tryna explain what it is but over all loved this look

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