Pharrells Concert.

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Hey guys so on the 24th of September I went with two of my best friends plus ones cousin and mom to go see Pharrell and man was it packed,  I mean I’ve never seen a concert with toddlers and people who brought the whole family.It was insane.


 Had such a great time, I mean it cannot get better than bestfriends+concert I mean that’s just awesomeness with all the screaming competitions and picture taking.

The concert was very motivational and inspiring with all of his songs that just make you wanna strive for more, it made you love who you are and accept all your differences and uniqueness though it didn’t let you forget that you were there to party and have fun.

He surely made everyone  feel special, sharing the stage with some people and going to meetup with those who had regular tickets. 

That concert was awesome.

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