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How to pass a test.

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Hey guys so like literally on Monday school starts for the fourth term and I don’t know about you but for us as soon as we start we start with term tests and then Exams so there’s no time for games. So to help everyone I came up with some tips to help you study and atleast pass the term. 


Okay so the first thing is to study atleast 2 days before the test. I know you might get lazy and feel bored but it will help you a lot.

Second thing is to make studying fun and comfortable. I know studying for us kids is like “kill me now”so make it enjoyable and fun like make the work colorful and make it stand out, put pictures to elaborate points and summarise everything so it’s not long. 

Thirdly is to ask yourself questions. Put teddies and ask them the work you’ve studied and answer for them. Trust me you might think you’re studying and you know it when intact you know nothing so make sure to ask yourself questions.

I hope my tips and tricks on studying will help you get better marks and to all the best of luck.

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  1. This is good for me as a school pupil! Thanks for following my blog as well!

    1. I know right, they work for me too…The pleasure is mine, I saw your blog today and I was like wow “man I love this”

      1. Thank you so much – could I just ask which type of posts you prefer?

        1. Wait first..You are laughing with will right?

          1. Laughwithwill yes?

          2. Well I don’t know if there’s anymore categories on your blog but what I saw was the funny kind of random posts like the fact that you hate being asked what you wanna be when you grow up.The way you just write everything is also addictive..I don’t know I find your content really funny hey like it’s just so random and yeah. (Hope I made sense :))

          3. Thanks!

          4. You actually make me rethink if I really wanna be a fashion blogger or not

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