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Bella Thorne Vs Zendeya

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Okay so I love these girls a lot especially because their age is around mine too so I feel like we relate. But hey its the fashion world one has to win. So I have layed down some of their outfits to see who I like more based in these outfits.

Okay first if you’ve got a body like Bella’s there is nothing that can go wrong with a short skirt I mean look at those legs and those shoes just compliment them so if I had to rate her this would be a 9/10  just because i dont feel the ninja turtle shirt that mhch because its green. .

Then we have Zendeya and can we first just talk about her smile. That smile is killa!! So if you know me well you know that i love gangsta kind of looks. You know adding pieces to something that the president would wear to make it look like you some type of gangsta trying to look smart. This outfit is definitely a 10 I mean can it get any better.

Then I’ve got both girls wearing suits. I chose suits so that we could see how both girls would get ready to a formal function. If I had to choose one in an instant i would definitley choose Zendeya’s suit because she looks good, she looks ready to take down any one and I mean who doesn’t love black and white. Bella on the other hand I feel like what she’s wearing is for her and it suits her only I don’t feel like I’d look good wearing it so I wouldn’t choose it but in terms of how she looks, she looks good too and she looks like those friendly girls that you’d definitely want to talk to.

Score: Zendeya 10 and Bella: 9

And then I have both girls in casual clothing and I must say they both look good. Zendeya makes me feel all badass when Bella makes me feel like “you’ve got nothing on my simplicity” so I mean if I had to choose between the two there would be no choosing I’d take both.

Score: Zendeya: 10 Bella: 10

Then here I’ve got Bella looking like she owns the place she looks put together and she looks like she knows what she’s doing. Zendeya looks as if she gives no care, she looks like she naturally looks good in anything. I like both outfits so I don’t really know who I’d choose but probably Bella here she does too well.

Score: Zendeya: 9 and Bella 10

Who do you think wins? Are you all for badass like Zendeya or do you like keeping it polite and pretty? Zendeya or Bella? Tell me why.

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