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Hey guys what is up?  Blogmas day 3! I tag everyone who’s gonna read this. Tag me after you’ve written yours or hit me up on twitter @journeylekhulen mwah!

Hey girl you’re probably 26 right now. I hope you’re still the calm, polite loving girl, I know from ten years ago and I hope you still exercising and looking pretty and fit.

Have you found a boyfriend yet or most importantly are you married and have kids? Have you overcome those meeting people fears? How does he look? Is he black or is he white? Is he hot? Is he a model? Are you guys the tumblr couple?

What do you do for a living,have you accomplished those dream of yours? Are you acting, do you sing and has your blog gotten successful? Did you carry on Youtubing cause if not girl get that camera. Have you built a mall yet? Do you have some co-orperations somewhere. Are you succesful?


Do you have that indoor closet you’ve always wanted? How does your house look ? Do you have a big bathroom with huge mirrors? I hope it has a theme.


Are you taking care of mama and your family? Did you buy her a house and are you making sure she’s doing nothing but relaxing? Did you buy that huge family house? With a room for everyone so that you guys can all have a holiday there?


Most importantly are you still going to church? Did you buy all the church Uniforms yet? Did you try out for the church choir? Did you build that shelter house, helping all people in need? Have you changed people’s lives?


How’s Kesha? Have you done a good job in parenting her? What’s her personality like?Does she have a boyfriend? I hope you went all gaga on the boyfriend.


Do you have your own fashion line yet? What’s the name? JL? JourneyElle? Jay? I hope you were creative about it.


Are you friends with any celebrities? Are you getting any invites to any important events? Have you walked the red carpet yet? I hope you’re not wearing some mustard or silky weird colours to these events. I hope you’re stylish an stay true to yourself.


Stay photogenic as always, work that Instagram! I hope you are staying true yo yourself and you arent lEttington people walk over you.


Love yourself the way you are. Remember that being dark doesn’t mean your ugly? Stay proud of being dark and black.


Remember that your mom is everything, she will forever be there and you should too.


Remember you’re a good singer no matter what some haters say? Follow your dreams and let God guide you.


Remember to always learn and don’t let your pride stop you from great things. Stay yourself and remember to make yourself happy too.


Have you travelled the world? How many countries have you been to? What country was your favorite?


Do you still love Pizza? Mexican? And I hope your diet is still “eat what ever you want and workout.”


Are you still friends with Jabulile and if so please do buy her a gift and thank her for being your friend since grade 9. I hope you have stayed true to her and that you guys have become the best of best friends. Don’t ever forget her.


Stay kind and respectful to yourself and everyone else. Remember this girl I love you and forever will.


Did you loose your virginity yet? With who? When? Was it special? tell me all about it.


Remember where you come from and thank God for where ever you are right now. Don’t forget all the people who’ve made you who you are right now and forever stay great full. Pray to God all the time, thank him for everything and ask him for guidance.


Remember to forgive and forget, I know you have problems with forgiving people or forgetting things they have done to you. Don’t over think situations too much or you will die of stress.


Always remember to laugh and have fun in situations. Don’t ever wear jwellery and don’t get tattoos.


Stop trusting too much and remember all the things mama taught you.


Remember not everything has to go to plan, sometimes the road is not a straight line but full of corners and curves.


Stop being a perfectionist that winged liner doesn’t have to be the same, remember their sisters not twins.


Stop telling your self you’re okay sometimes you just need to let out and cry and remember it’s also okay to say’no’ sometimes.


Make sure you make mama proud and make her smile all the time.


Girl remember that where ever you are right now, whether your plans have succeeded or you’re just still waiting they will happen some day. Don’t cry about it, stay strong and you’ll be okay.

Written on the 3rd of December 2015

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I am a 21-year-old female from Johannesburg, South Africa with a great passion for performing and arts. Fashion and Beauty is a way to portray who and how you want people to see you and being a person who taught herself to always keep her head high I wanted a channel through which I could empower all types of people around the world.

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