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Hey guys what’s up so as you all know we all have some insecurity about ourselves and I thought why not share one of the only things I am so insecure about because it has played a big role in my life and has since turned my life around.



Okay so as a little kid I used to be the ultimate singer, I’d go for competitions and you know I’d spend all my time singing because singing was my life. It was something that completed my life. I used to get good compliments on what a great singer I was or how I was one day going to become famous because of how beautiful my voice was and as a kid you know this was the life. I used to be confident on singing you know if someone told me to sing I wouldn’t even blink an eye I would just start because well singing was second nature to me.

Until high school hit up and you know as a teenager you start calculating your steps and you start being aware of everything out there. In high school I met some haters (a group of girls that were in the same class as me in grade 8) who were trying to make my life a living hell. These girls were forever on my back you know telling me bad stuff and just you know how high school b’s are. So I still sang at that time and of course the haters tried to bash me every time you know. Telling me I can’t sing or you know some bad stuff about my voice. Of course at that time I believed them and started questioning myself if I really could sing or if people just didn’t wanna be rude telling me I was good.

And since from then guys I have been insecure about my singing, I ask myself twice before singing, I can’t put the camera on and start singing because I feel like what if people don’t like my voice or they start hating and for me this is hard because well singing is my life, singing and music is what I live up to everyday so having the urge to sing but being scared to sing for someone that I don’t trust because of a bunch of haters is taking my happiness away from me.

Now though  I see that they were just jealous because I and many others believe that I have a good voice and why we’re they the only ones telling me I can’t sing and it’s funny that even today I still have them in my mind. I still kind of believe them. Because I’m insecure about my voice, I’ve lost that confidence and that whole energetic energy I used to have is all gone.

I don’t participate in competitions no more, I don’t sing for ordinary people no more and well I sing when ever I’m at home or alone only because we’ll I guess I’m just scared of what other people are going to say to me and when evet you catch me singing in class is because i know that people aren’t really listening and i f i get caught i pretend that im not seriously singing. I mean there are people that tell me that I’m good but ever since those girls told me I can’t sing I never listen to the good stuff other people tell me but instead dwell on the bad words the haters tattood in my brain.

Basically this post is to encourage everyone to not  be like me hiding under some people, hiding their talents. This post is to encourage you guys to not listen to what other people say, do what ever you want and what makes you happy. If people don’t like what you do then well, though. Because haters will forever be there trying to trash you and trying to keep you  away from what makes you happy. So stay strong and don’t listen to them after all its all about you not them.


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I am a 21-year-old female from Johannesburg, South Africa with a great passion for performing and arts. Fashion and Beauty is a way to portray who and how you want people to see you and being a person who taught herself to always keep her head high I wanted a channel through which I could empower all types of people around the world.

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