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Hey guys what’s up so since Today was the last day of school I decided to write my experience  on getting my report since well next year I’ll be a senior.



You guys have no idea how scared I was today you know listening to the other kids saying they passed or that some of them failed.

I literally had my report in ny hand but didn’t want to open it because of was so scared. Have you ever had those nerves where it could be life and death, it’s either you’re going to matric or you’re staying there in grade 11. Guys I was so scared.

But it all became fine because I passed to matric and next year I’ll be a senior. So my hard work finally payed off and thank God.


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I am a 21-year-old female from Johannesburg, South Africa with a great passion for performing and arts. Fashion and Beauty is a way to portray who and how you want people to see you and being a person who taught herself to always keep her head high I wanted a channel through which I could empower all types of people around the world.

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