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Hey guys what’s up? So im still on that situation where by I don’t have my charger so I still can’t post what I had already planned but you know what non of that can stop us. So all the time when I ask people “what they’ll be doing for this Christmas”  they all don’t have any plans so I thought maybe you guys are the same too and you guys don’t know what to do for Christmas besides exchanging gifts, don’t worry yous I of you.




The first thing that I came up with was a part. I mean why not? Parties a great way to have everyone over and have a good time. So get the latest track rolling up, play some games and show off your dance moves.

The second thing is to show off your chef skills. I mean what’s better than having a cook off. Show your family some of your great pancake flipping skills and show them how a real cake gets done. I mean you guys can have fun while filling your tummies.

Play some games. What we do in our family is get out some board games and just have fun all together kicking ass or we all just go play some swimming pool games especially since we all don’t have to go to school or work.

Go on a vacation or on a little trip somewhere, doesn’t have to be expensive. Just chill with your family and have some good quality time together, maybe go out to the park or the zoo.

And yeah guys that’s some of the things I find cool to do on Christmas with my family and some friends.


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