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Hey guys what is up? So as myself I’ve had a few problems keeping friends this ueareven though I am like the ideal best friend, they seem to all run away, nope no idea why.  So the reason why I thought of making this post is to help you not make the same mistakes I did, well that I think I made. I mean you can’t just leave a friend for no reason right? Whether if it’s because your friends have already left you or of they are on the verge of doing so


Anyway so the first thing I came up with is to be yourself. Yeah I know you’ve heard it probabaly about a 100 times and you just think everyone is talking bull but I’m serious if you not gonna be real and be yourself with your friends how do you expect them to tell you all about their secretes? I mean I know I wouldn’t confide in you if you didn’t show me the real you. Not only is pulling a front too much work but it leaves you unhappy too. It’s like putting on clothes it takes a lot of time and you gotta check if it looks right where as you can just stay naked  and not care.

The second thing is to keep what your friends tell you to yourself. I know sometimes your tounge slips and you say some stuff to the wrong people but girl you gotta put in some effort. Keep your friends secretes to yourself and when ever your angry at them rather write it down in your diary or talk about it with your mom (if she won’t confront them ) rather then talking about it with some real ass gossiper whos gonna turn the story around and  spread it all around the school and you are gonna be in shit .

The third thing is to remember not everything is about you. I know you might get carried away and talk about yourself all day but girls trust me no one likes the girl who thinks she’s the only one with problems. So ask your friends about their problems  talk to them about boyfriends and how’s it going ay home, you know make them feel like you actually care and that their wellbeing means something to you.

The fourth thing is to be supportive at all times, whether it’s being that shoulder to cry on or if it’s just to put it together so they don’t see that you’re jealous. Always be that friend they can always count on and who’s always there for them. Sometimes put your feelings aside and let them know that it’s about them. Look out for your friend and use that baseball bat when your girls boyfriend breaks her heart

The fifth and last advice is to get loose. Don’t be uptight, always know that it’s good to let loose now and then and have fun. Say what ever you want, don’t put mouth guards on, laugh at whatever you want and pull pranks on your friends because that’s how friends are. Let them be the ones where you feel loved am where you feel you can act like a maniac and not be judged.

Anyway hope you guys liked my advice and that all these tips will help you make friends that will stay with you forever. Love you guys.

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I am a 21-year-old female from Johannesburg, South Africa with a great passion for performing and arts. Fashion and Beauty is a way to portray who and how you want people to see you and being a person who taught herself to always keep her head high I wanted a channel through which I could empower all types of people around the world.

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