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Hey Guys what’s up? So today’s post is really gonna be short and maybe a little boring for you because well Ive been on the road a whole 8 hours by a bus and you can just imagine how my legs are feeling right now..

And if I was awake for most of the ride I would tell you guys all about it, you know how maybe I felt or what I saw on the way here but shame I was literally dead. Woke up to eat and put my fave song on then went back to sleep. And that was literally the ride for me from one city to another (Johannesburg to Nelspruit)

Anyway I’m just tired, my legs are paining, my hair is all messed up and my makeup is smudged so yeah. Hope you guys have a great day and I love yous.

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I am a 21-year-old female from Johannesburg, South Africa with a great passion for performing and arts. Fashion and Beauty is a way to portray who and how you want people to see you and being a person who taught herself to always keep her head high I wanted a channel through which I could empower all types of people around the world.

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