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Hey guys what is up? Since Valentine is like just around the corner I thought that some of you guys including myself might just need some help getting dates, well not that I can’t get one I’m just too weird for these kind of things but if you like these sort of things and you feel like Valentines Day was just made from hell because you can’t seem to get a date and you’ve had enough well then I got you. This year instead of pretending to get gifts from your imaginary date you’ll get real ones…

Firstly you guys need to know that getting a date is about being yourself and the person  accepting you for who you are so don’t change yourself  just because you feel left out or the need to get a date. Secondly obviously you must put In a bit of effort you know clean up, freshen up and look good. Most people will choose clean and neat looking people rather than slobby or bad smelling people so make sure you’re presentable.

1. Ask
Yes all you gotta do is ask. I know this probably sounds like yeah she’s talking BS you can’t just ask someone to be your date well you can and trust me you’ll thank me later after you get the cute boy to be your date. I mean what could hurt? You don’t have a date so why not ask someone to be your date? Plus some people like people that confident or straight forward.

Yes I mean how are you supposed to get a date if you always have a poker face on. So be polite, smile and always look good trust me someone will feel interested.

Yes market,  be on the look out and go to places where you know you’re going to see many of the other sex or in others the same sex. I tell you it won’t happen that after a couple of hours that not even one person speaks or asks for your number especially if you put effort in to looks or what you’re wearing that day. So go to that party or chillas that everyone is talking about and make some new friends.

I also want you guys to know that if you end up not having a date then it’s not the end of the world. Trust me it’s not a big deal. So don’t think that maybe there’s something wrong with you cause t here probably isnt. Remember everything happens for a reason!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that I helped you in some way.


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