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Hey guys what is up? So last year i did a gift guide for her for Christmas so I thought why not do it for Valentines day. I feel like girls are much easier though that’s why I never do some for HIM…


Okay I only suggest this if you have enough money to actually buy decent perfume otherwise don’t because she will take it the wrong way. But if you do have the cash feel free girls love smelling good.


Only if she likes reading though because it will make it seem like you actually gave much thought to the book because you know she loves books. It would also be great if you got her a book that she really really wanted or by her favourite author.


You can never go wrong with chocolate. I mean that’s why most girls want dates for this valentine because of all the chocolate they’ll be getting. So get her some of her favorite chocolate or those really romantic heart shaped ones trust me she won’t stop smiling and thinking you’re the best boyfriend even if you didn’t give it that much thought.


Okay for me the rose card doesn’t really work, Don’t get me wrong I love flowers and all but I just don’t feel like getting flowers is the greatest thing but I mean we are all different. It depends on your girl really, if she loves flowers then give her a bunch of roses. Most girls love getting roses so go ahead.


Once again jewelery makes it on the list. Get your girl some jewellery and maybe for extra points engrave it. Especially if she’s the cheesy type then you can even get her a locket or get matching necklaces. This is a nice gift especially since then she can always wear it and remember you with it.

Always remember that it depends on the girl so always try be unique and don’t try using the same techniques as all other girls might like instead be thoughtful and give her something that you think she might like. Another thing, know you girl don’t the mistake of giving her flowers when she’s allergic. Try make the day special and be happy with it remember it’s not always about the gifts or the money so don’t go buying expensive gifts even if you don’t have the money. It’s the memories and time that counts.

Yup guys that all I have for you today. I actually wish that I could give you guys some more ideas but this is all I could think of. If you’re a girl tell me what you’d like to get this Valentine and if you’re a boy tell me what you’d actually consider giving your girl.

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