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Hey guys what is up? Happy Friday!(even though it’s about to end in an hour). So last week Friday I did a Rant blog post pretty much at the same time so I thought why not carry on with it. I mean it’d be cool to have a RantFriday each week at midnight, I’m still deciding though if I can handle it, with studying too but I’ll let you guys know. Anyway today I was thinking of how mad and irritated I get when I find the sexiest top ever but there none In my size. This is a rant.

Ever went shopping and you don’t find anything you like, so you carry on looking thinking that God is with you on this one and he is. Just not fully. You turn around and all of a sudden you see what you have been looking for for ages, yes that tumblr outfit that you’ve always wanted is looking right at you. But once you reach out for it you find out that your size is out of stock. “WAIT WHAT? SO YOU’RE TELLING ME THAT ALL THE GIRLS THAT WANTED THIS OUTFIT TODAY TURNED OUT TO BE A SIZE 32?”

Like guys I can’t explain to you how irritated I feel. Especially when one of the shop keeper says to you “Oh no let me just check if they have it in the store room” and you wait for her praying that a miracle will happen and that she’ll come back with it but she comes back empty handed. Or if they have the outfit/particular piece in different colours with your size but the colour that you like. Like what is going on with shops these days?

For me it’s so sad having to walk around the shop knowing that what you want is there just not for you. And you find yourself asking if you should just maybe take the smaller size or not. It just puts my whole mood down and puts me off shopping cause now I’ve got that thing In my heart and nothing else seems to be able to replace it.

Yup guys that’s my rant for this week. Tell me what you hate about shopping and what you think my next Rant should be about, we might just share the same dislikes.

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