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  Hey guys what is up? Today I’m going to be ranting about something that probably the whole world has ranted about at some point and it’s about  Haters. Because I feel like as time goes, people seem to have more and more reasons to hate people and this has to stop.

You need to go to the shops, get yourself some redbull, get yourself some wings and fly the f away from me.

I really need someone to explain to me fully what these haters want because I am cluless? I mean these people telling you what to do and who to be and when you actually do what they want, hate you for it. Why are people constantly hating each other for each others successes? So what, we aren’t allowed to achieve some things in life?

Why are people constantly trying to bring each other down? Instead of helping each other and giving out our full best we break each other down? People hating each other because someone can do something that they can’t. Because someone has something they don’t. What kind of a world are we leading/building if we all act like this? What do we think this world is going to be like in the next future?

Why do we always wish for bad things upon others and hate them for trying to be themselves, hating them for trying to be what society wants them to be? We constantly try to make other people’s lives hell because we can’t up our own standards of living.

Why instead of trying to make our own lives better, focus on what other people are doing and try steal their happiness? Complaining about everything they try make right.

Now I don’t know what goes on in a haters mind and I don’t know why they do all the hating but they’ve got to stop.

I don’t know, do they like have a schedule where they write down who they are going to be hating on next or maybe practice all the hate they are going to spread..Are they bored and are just trying to pass time? Is it a hobby for them? Do they think it’s funny?

Yup guys that’s my Rant for the week. I hope you guys don’t think I’m angry or anything I just feel like we are hating too much, more than necessary. I probably qualify to be a preacher after this rant. But I hope that you guys enjoyed this post and if there’s any hater you know then try change their mindsets and don’t let them get to you, keep moving. XX

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