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Hey guys, what is up? Since this year started I’ve actually been obsessing over a few things, but unlike most people I didn’t write any wish list and I  figured it was too late to write a 2016 buy list so i did an obsession list. Instead I wanted to show you guys a list of some of the things I’ve been obsessing over since the year started. No this is not like a favorites blog post because some of the things here I don’t own but I’m still obsessing over them.

1. Platform boots.


I have literally been obsessed with these shoes for the past year but still don’t own any. I don’t know maybe it’s the base that’s got me obsessed but try surely got me hooked.

2. Red lipstick.


You have no idea! I haven’t tried much lipsticks or anything but I know that a nice bold red looks good on me so ever since red is my to go to lipstick.. *If you’ve got any lipstick suggestions then please tell me*

3. Curly hair.


If you know me then you know that I’ve been trying to curl my hair (with a curling wand) for as long as I can remember but i hadn’t found any way to curl it until only recently. But I’ve been really obsessed with this whole curly look, I’m even thinking of getting a curly lace wig.

4. Denim.


Yes! just this colour though (are there actual different colours?) but I’ve actually been loving this colour. I’ve actually been buying only this colour recently. I just love this whole kind of fading look especially on boyfriend jeans and denim jackets, it gives your outfit a whole new feel.

5. Torn Jeans.


Probably the thing I’m most obsessed to. I just love torn jeans, especially those trashy ones that literally look like there’s no more pants. If you know me I’ve got two sides
• the goody two shoes
• the ghetto side

While my good side is all quiet and reserved my ghetto side likes this whole bad girl kind of look. Likes revealing some skin and wearing things that most people wouldn’t. So yeah love torn jeans even though I don’t have one that’s extremely torn yet.

6. Thigh high boots.


If your read my last post 10 WAYS TO STYLE THIGH BOOTS. then you know that I adore thigh high boots. I actually should get myself a pair cause those shoes are sexy af. I just like the way they lengthen your legs and give you that sophisticated look.

Yup guys that’s the things I’ve been obsessing over. It’s not much but it’s been bad enough cause I can’t seem to get over any of the things I’ve shown you.

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QOTD: What are you obsessed to that you can’t seem to get over?


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