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Hey guys what is up? Firstly can we talk about how exhausted I am. Luckily though school just ended for the term so I’m gonna have some quality time with my pillows, you know reconnect. Anyway today I wanted to speak to you on how to choose an outfit. I know that us as girls always have hard times choosing what to wear and making sure it looks good.


1. Pick out your major pieces.
Choose the pieces you want in your outfit. Whether it’s that black Jean or the statement tee you bought yesterday. Take them all out and know that you wanna center around those pieces or so you know what type of outfit you’re looking for.
Find out how you would like to look. Whether you wanna look formal, casual or fancy.


  2. Look for inspiration.
Yes go on a search on Pinterest, Style blogs, YouTube and Weheartit to see what interests you and what you might be suitable for the particular place or event you’re going to. If you want you can also make a style board for the outfits you like. Make sure that you look for outfits with the pieces that yiu centred and that you know you have. When searching you can search for things like ‘outfit with black jeans’ ‘black Jeans outfit’ ‘how to style black jeans?’

3. Plan before time.
Yes instead of trying to find an outfit the day before, be ahead of time. Know how you’d like to look and sometimes save some money just in case there’s a piece you might want to add. Start looking for ideas like a week before so when the event cones you’re all set and not stuck because there’s a certain thing you need to add to your outfit.


4. See which pieces you don’t have and how you can replace them.
After finding the outfit that you desire check which pieces and accessories of that outfit you don’t have and see with what you can replace it with. Like maybe if you need a black crop top you can tuck in your black statement tee or tie it. Remember that you don’t have to copy the outfits you find online from head to toe. Add some you!

Yup guys those are my four  ways on how to choose an outfit. I hope that my four tips help you guys and if they do, don’t forget to tell me.




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I am a 21-year-old female from Johannesburg, South Africa with a great passion for performing and arts. Fashion and Beauty is a way to portray who and how you want people to see you and being a person who taught herself to always keep her head high I wanted a channel through which I could empower all types of people around the world.

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