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Hey guys what is up? So today I wanted to tell you guys about all the things that I’d like to do before I die. Sort of like a bucket list but instead of making it very short I wanted it to be very long to show that this was something i wanted to do before i died, meaning my whole life.

So here are the things I’d like to do before I head over to God.

1. Sing in front of a thousand people
2. Tour around the whole world.
3. Experience snow.
4. Go on a vacation with my whole family.
5. Go on a road trip with my friends.
6. Get married.
7. Have a professional photoshoot.
8. Collaborate with Rihanna.
9. Walk on a red carpet.
10. Have my own closet.
11.Visit Venice.
12. Get a massage.
13. Date an Italian guy,
14. Own 10 branded items.
15. Reach 10 000 followers on my blog.
16. Go skinny dipping.
17. Travel with my best friend.
18. Have a snowball fight.
19. Fly first class.
20. Have a candle lit bath.
21. Have a candle lit dinner.
22. Give people a reason to remember my name.
23. Travel the world.
24. Find a reason to wake up.
25. Have my own library.
26. Dance in the rain.
27. Actually do things on my bucket list.
28. Have a paint fight.
29. Go to hawaii
30. Go on a no – budget shopping spree.
31. Get a Polaroid and take pictures with it.
32. Graduate in college.
33. Start working.
34. Have my own fashion line.
35. Produce my own film.
36. Release an album.
37. Make a music video.
38. Have a maid.
39. Visit the great Wall of China.
40. Buy a chandelier.
41. Karaoke.
42. Have a makeup collection.
43. Have a collection.
44. Own a huge house. 
45. Own a MK watch.
46. Love myself.
47. Own a sophisticated camera.
48. Win a Grammy.
49. Have my name on the walk of fame.
50. Cook a 3 course meal.
51. Make someone else’s dream come true.
52. Be someone’s role model.
53. Be on a magazine.
54. Have my own business. 
55. Own three cars.
56. Build a home for the needy.
57. Take a dance lesson.
58. Write a book .
59. Own designer sunglasses.
60. Let go of a floating lantern.
61. Go for an early jog.
62. Watch thecduhrise at the beach.
63. Attend a bonfire.
64. Send a message using balloons.
65. Go to a carnival.
66. Go on a cruise.
67. Fall in love.
68. Do something crazy with my hair.
69. Cuddle on a rainy day.
70. Take my mom on a vacation of her dreams. 
71. Go to New York fashion week.
72. Bake in the middle of the night.
73. Watch someone I love sleep.
74. Visit Miami.
75. Visit Chicago.
76. Have abs.
77. Attend a musical festival.
78. Grow old with the love of my life.
79. Eat a whole tub of ice cream.
80. Shoot a gun.
81. Let my boyfriend do my hair and choose my outfit.
82. Shower under a waterfall.
83. Act in a movie.
84. Be an award winning actress.
85. Have my boyfriend go shopping with me.
86. Learn to play the piano.
87. Kiss in the rain.
88. Celebrate Diwali in India.
89. Visit a country with nothing but my wallet.
90. Get 5000 Instagram followers.
91. Stay in a hotel that I paid for.
92. Go to a club.
93. Drive a lamborgini.
94. Own more than 3 cars.
95. Have a wall full of movies.
96. Make mama proud.
97. Kiss under the stars.
98. Own a beach house.
99. Have have my own perfume.
100. Throw a drink in someone’s drink.



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I am a 21-year-old female from Johannesburg, South Africa with a great passion for performing and arts. Fashion and Beauty is a way to portray who and how you want people to see you and being a person who taught herself to always keep her head high I wanted a channel through which I could empower all types of people around the world.

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  1. I would definitely like to act in a movie and write a book 😊 Loved this post – I think I did a similar one but on things I want to do before I’m 16 (I think) xxx

    1. I know right! Acting for me is a dream come true…I will for sure go and hunt the post down..Did you mark the things you’ve already done?

      1. To be honest – I can’t remember 😂

        1. Haha Lawl it’s cool…

  2. I’d have to say a lot of the ones you have said are very similar to what I would love to do before I die. Definitely travel the world with my man (hurry up, man) by my side!

    1. Lawl haha “Hurry up man” I’d definitely love to travel the world with someone that truly meant something to me. 🙂

      1. I’m going to Scotland soon. Hopefully he’s there. Wouldn’t mind a bloke with a Scottish accent. 😀

        1. I agree! Well girl I wish you the best hopefully you’re not like me, liking people from a distance, hiding away from them

  3. Two of the most important things I need to do before I die are. 1st build up one or more organizations to help people in need and travel around the world.

    1. Yup while we do things for ourselves we shouldn’t forget about other people in need..You have such a lovely heart ❤

      1. Yes, that’s right. Thank you. I can just give it back. ❤

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