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Hey guys what is up? As promised I’ll be doing for you another Rant. Dont you just hate it after deleting thousands of pictures on your phone, they start re appearing a week later? Like, did me deleting you not make a clear enough statement? And no I’m not talking about normal backing up where you actually decide you want your long lost pictures I’m talking about the back up that automatically happens unwanted.

Literally yes I know that it is helpful and that it might just come in handy the day I wipe my phone or accidentally delete everything but it is seriously so annoying. Especially if you had deleted so many things. Like am I now supposed to go back and redelete the pictures that I had already deleted before you decided to take control of MY phone. Like who do you think you are?

And you find that the things that are backed up or restored aren’t anything handy, no its not that picture that you’ve been crying over since you deleted it by mistake It’s those pictures that you know you look ugly In or the videos where you were doing some crazy things thinking that no one else will see. They also have some pretty bad timing. No they don’t decide to start backing up when you’re alone they wait until your friends ask to go through your phone. Then they start uploading all those bad pictures of you. Sometimes you dont even notice that your phone restored all your deleted pictures until you’re home by yourself and realise how many people have seen all those pictures.

Annoying thing is also when your phone starts telling you that you don’t have any space. I mean i had all the space in the world until you came and decided to bring back all my unwanted ish. It would have made sense if you didn’t have space because you’ve taken a fresh new set of selfies or downloaded some new games but nooo you don’t have space because phone decided to bring back all the unwanted. I mean the reason I deleted all the stuff is because I didn’t want it, why are you touring me huh  (starts being dramatic) but really if I did want all those things don’t you think that maybe I wouldn’t have deleted them in the first place?

I don’t know if maybe there’s a button on the iPhone that actually stops the whole back up thing but if there is then guys please help me out and tell me how to do it. Because I hate having to delete stuff and then after a month having to go back again  and delete them like I wanted them back.


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