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Hey guys what is up? So for today I wanted to speak about some winter essentials. Yes it’s still Autumn I know but we’ve got to get ready for this winter. These essentials won’t only help you get warm but leave you stylish too.


●  Polo neck .
The first thing that you need is a polo neck because polo necks have been trending, are still trending and will forever be trending. They have always been that something that sizzled up an outfit and put it together and they never go out of style. This season go get yourself one be warm and stay stylish!


● Jeans
The secind thing to get are some nice pair of jeans.Jeans are always needed because they go with everything and get also still keep you warm. Preferably I would say get some black jeans because they go with everything and you can style them up to your liking. What I also like is that they allow you to layer them and add multiple of other items,


● Beanie.
No I don’t mean those ugly groggy ones (excuse me) but I mean those stylish ones that casual out an outfit. A beanie will make your outfit look even more relaxed and put in a bit of stylishness even though you’re just trying to keep your ears warm. You can even add in some nice pair of needy sunglasses.


● Boots.
Yes girl,  boots is where it is these days. Girl go get yourself a pair of some sexy boots. If it’s length and sexiness you’re looking for then go for thigh high boots and if you’re looking for something a bit more platform then ankle boots is where it is. But get yourself some boots for some warmth, trendiness and the stylish look. Boots are always the perfect winter staple because you can dress them  up with some blazers or statement pieces  or down using jeans.


● Bomber jacket.
This is probably one of my fave things on the list. This is not necessary to get but at least get a jacket that looks good. One that you can style with probably anything and one that will always keep you warm. The bomber jacket has been in these days and it looks really good so I’d probably get one of these.

Yuup guys so that’s all my winter essentials for this upcoming winter. If you feel like there is something im missing out then you can add it in the comments section below.  Which essential is your favorite and do you wanna add something else to the list?

Another thing, guys so for the past few months I’ve been looking into becoming a content writer and a couple of weeks ago I  was actually contacted by a company Wdt which is a company based in Randburg that deals with making websites and renewing websites making sure they reach our day in age. So they asked me to write a piece for them (which ended up being two) it is titled the role of a content writer and I’d appreciate if you guys went to go and read it.  So please do go and read it.

Part 1 and Part 2

One last thing I will be posting the things I bought on my makeup trip last week tomorrow so stay tuned for that.
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