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Hey guys what is up? So about a week ago I was introduced to a company called ThirdLove that wanted to give you guys a guide on how to save your staples. You guys know how much I love sharing advice especially when it’s about fashion so obviously I accepted. So Third Love actually set up this whole guide for you to help you care for your wardrobe essentials so they last long. We all know how important staples/essentials are so listen up.



● Pre- love.
Do you have that nasty stain on your bra that you can’t seem to get rid of? Don’t worry simply dabbing the stain with mild soapy water and gently rubbing the stain will get rid of it. 

● Fold and press.
Fold and gently press the bra in a towel before laying out to dry.

● Splish Splash.
Soak, then work suds(foam) into the fabrics and rinse.

● Snag Alert.
If you’re using a machine to wash your bra, use cold water and hook the bra or use a lingerie bag.



● Age of the machine.
Always use cold water and gentle cycle.

● Don’t fade away.
To keep colours vibrant,  after washing, soak in white vinegar for 10 minutes, then rinse. Using white or distilled vinegar with dark clothes can protect them from becoming dull.

● Hang out.
Lay underwear flat on a towel to dry.

● Tighty- Whities 
Stay away from harsh bleach and pre- soak instead.



● Shower Power.
Don’t machine wash your jeans often. This could cause them to break down and leave an uncomfortable fabric. Steam clean by hanging them up while you shower.

● No, I don’t want no suds.
Replace detergent with vinegar and turn inside out to prevent fading.

● Ice, Ice, Baby.
To freshen up your jeans quickly, stick jeans in the freezer for  a few hours to to get rid of odors.

● Fresh Air.
It’s best to let denim air dry to keep the integrity of the fabric.



It’s okay to hang bags for a few days, but opt for bin or basket storage to prevent wearing out the straps.

● Stuffed.
For bags that aren’t naturally stiff, fill with balls of tissue paper to help maintain their shape.

● Inside scoop
Clean the inside by pulling the interior out and using a lint roller, or the brush attachment of your vacuum.

● Baby it.
Clean the outside of leather bags with alcohol free baby wipes. This will not only make it smell fresh but also keep it fresh and clean.

Yuup guys so that is the guideline on how to take care of your staples making sure to keep them in the best possible condition. Please do check out Thirdlove’s website here. Basically Thirdlove is a company that understands us girls the most. Making sure to give us comfort through bras and underwear.  They’ve got some really nice bras and underwear with some great fabrics so if you’re interested in getting a lil something you can just use the code STAPLES and you’ll get 15% off of your order. So go get em!


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