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Hey guys what is up? So today I wanted to give you some tips on how to prepare for the upcoming exams. I start my exams on the 31st and thought that I should search for some tips on how to prepare for them because I actually suck at this(I properly prepare for the first two and by the third one, I’ve already forgotten) and I thought why not share all this knowledge?

I know many of us are actually either in between exams, finishing and some are about to begin exams (from all the blogposts I’ve read) so Why not help each other out?

●  Give yourself enough time to study.
Don’t be me. Girl no! I usually shamefully actually study the day before and if sometimes lucky, 2 days before and that’s nothing to be proud of. Because instead of learning I actually cram(which I’m good at) not really learning anything from what I’ve studied. This is why I probably can’t remember what I learnt in the previous years. (Yes Guys I’m a Fuck up I know no need to point it out). Point is give yourself enough time to study so that you can remember everything like the back of your hand. Give yourself time to memorize it a million times and time to find different ways to remember what you’ve studied.

● Talk to something or someone.
This is what I do all the time. Go into a quiet room(my case – the bathroom) lay out some teddies and give them names. Then start the lesson. What I’m saying is that pretend to be a teacher and pretend to teach the teddies. Tell them that their answers are wrong and say the work that you’ve studied. This will actually help you remember a bit more since you’ll remember all the actions and things you said to the Teddies. Sometimes my mom thinks I’m retarded for speaking to myself and making actual conversation with teddy bears but it actually helps a lot.

Another thing to do is to just start your mom or someone in your house and tell them all about what you’ve studied. A good thing to do is to start by saying (Mom did you know that… Yes and …) and just start rambling on and on even if they aren’t listening.

● Use study notes.
I recommend these all the time because they always work. To see how to write efficient study notes you can read my guidelines here. This will definitely help you remember better because you’re going to read the work and also write it down. It’ll Also help you write down the important notes only making it clearer on what you’re studying and in better writing.

● Take breaks.
This is probably what I do most of the time and it’s actually necessary. (Well don’t do it for as long as I do) but it’s great for your brain to just have time to relax and not think. You don’t want to over work your brain and end up not learning anything at all. So set a timer, study for maybe an hour and then take a 20 min break and get to it again. And on that 20min break don’t just sit in the same spot and listen to music. Move around, dance to some music and maybe drink some water. Set your brain free from that type of studying atmosphere and just let yourself relax and forget about it for a while.

● Study Groups.
If you’re a social person then this will definitely help you. Ask your friends to study with you together  this way you guys can help each other understand what ever you’re studying. You guys can discuss the topic and give each other some opinions and you guys could actually discuss the topic. Not only is this fun to do because you don’t feel that much stressed and like you’re alone but you’ll definitely remember all the conversations you had about the topic.

Something I like to do is to study over yet phone too. I Have a friend, who like me studies at night. Like she sleeps in the day and then wakes up at 10 and starts studying until the next day. So what we do is that we chat together while we’re studying. I’ll ask her some questions over whatsapp and then we’ll discuss it there. That way you don’t feel like uuhh why am I doing this while everyone else is sleeping because you know there’s someone else awake too.

● Food!
I can’t stress how much this is necessary. I don’t actually do this that much because I get distracted having foodgasms thinking about how good the food is but If you know you won’t be distracted then you can start doing this. Not only will you have a happy stomach but your body will function well too.
To make this even better you can eat food that is actually good for you like fruits, vegetables and nuts. Please don’t have full out meals this will straight out distract you and you won’t end up studying so have small snacks.

● Past Papers.
This is literally what my whole grade does. Go online and look for last years papers or previous years and some memos and practice on that. This will prepare your mind for the type of questions coming up and you’ll have a better idea of how things happen. Especially if you writing national or provincial papers.

Tips : Drink lots of water.
Water will help your brain an body function properly so you wanna make sure that your got a whole lot of water in your system.

You can even try make your water interesting by adding fruits like lemon, kiwi and strawberries in the water so you don’t feel like your just filling up your lungs with plain water.

Yup guys so those are all my tips to preparing for your exams. I hope that these are going to help you a lot and good luck to everyone.

My exams are starting pretty soon and I’m going to have a whole lot of work to do so my blog post consistency won’t be the same. Please bare with me I’m already going to be feeling bad about not posting a lot so yeah. 

Once again good luck to everyone with their exams. Keep your heads held high and tell yourselves that you can do it cause you can. I’ll be posting some exam tips for some time so stay stunned for those.


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  1. This was really helpful.
    My exams start next month. Thank you very much for this post!

    1. I glad you think so. All the best for your exams!❤

  2. My last exam is maths, on Monday! 🙂 x

    1. Ahh…I so wish I was you (fast foward a little bit)

  3. My last exam is physics, and its June 17th-got quite a way to go! Loved this post! 🙂

    1. Goodluck girl! I don’t know when I’m writing physics but I’m not looking foward to it :). Glad you liked it.

  4. Great advice and best of luck! I’ve just posted a blog which talks about some of the psychology of exam stress and how it affects performance which may be of interest. You can find it here: . Do pop by 🙂

    1. This sounds so interesting…Let me head over there

  5. My exams got over n tbh was nt at all self satisfied but thanks to ur tips i feel i cn do btr fr the ones to come 🙂
    Thanks a lot dude 🙂

    1. Anytime. And yes stay positive eventually you’ll get those marks you’re hoping for! I’m glad my tips could help you. ❤️

      1. Ig u shud post an article abt stayin positive…if u haven’t yet cz its one thing i need

        1. No I actually haven’t written one but I definitely will and you’ll be the first to know once it’s posted. Thank you for the idea!

          Are you on Instagram or somewhere I can contact you?

          1. I’m on facebook

          2. I’m hardly ever on Facebook though :/ don’t worry I’ll just come comment back here so you get the notification. 🙂

          3. Aww… so sweet of you n good luck wid life 🙂

          4. Thank you and you too. ❤️👑

          5. Thank you 🙂

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