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Hey guys what is up? Today for you guys I have some things I wish I’d learnt before highschool. You know a little tips and tricks on how to survive highschool. Cause right now, looking back there’s so many things I took too seriously and there’s so many stupid things I did that I could have easily avoided. I never had a sister to tell me all these things so to those who are still going to highschool or are still there. Listen up.

Not everyone is your friend, not everyone is going to stay your friend and not everyone cares. Sooner or later you’re going to realize who your best friends are and who are just trash. So don’t get friends on the first day and think you guys will stick together throughout because you won’t (okay maybe you might, I don’t know). I’m not saying don’t make friends. I’m saying be wise and expect the worst because soon you guys will notice each other’s true colors(and maybe you don’t like grey).

I wish I had learnt that at first. Because then I wouldn’t have poured my heart out to everyone and my heart wouldn’t have ached so much when I lost some friends on the way.

I wish someone would have told me that you’re going to meet some good looking lads in highschool and that, that would be the only thing they’d be good at (looking pretty). I also wish someone would have told me that highschool wasn’t some cliche story where a popular guy suddenly gains interest in the schools nerd or unpopular chick. Because none of that happens. No there’s no blonde Barbie, actual popular groups or the stereotypical highschool we read about in books(well not in my school).

I wish I knew that going to highschool wasn’t a life time change. That alcohol wasn’t that bad, not everyone does drugs and that just because I didn’t do parties didn’t mean I couldn’t make friends with those who did. I mean they aren’t murderers.

Highschool isn’t a big deal. It’s not all that everyone makes it out to be and definitely not something to be nervous or worry about. You dont need to waste money trying to impress people, buying cute outfits just so that you can be accepted. Not everyone is going to accept you for who you are. In fact most people don’t care about the real you. They’re just interested in what they can get out of you.

I wish I knew that because then there are many things I could have lived my life perfectly without doing. There are also many people I could have avoided and not paid attention to because then I wouldn’t need to impress anyone.

Its okay to speak to your crush. You don’t have to act like a fool when you see your crush. Hes a normal human being too and probably doesn’t share the same feelings. I wish I knew that boys would try pretend that they liked you when in fact they didn’t. That they’d try see how many girls they could lay so I didn’t need to take them seriously. Then maybe I wouldn’t have looked at those cute grade 10s when I was in grade 8.

You just need to make the best out of your high school years. Have fun and make some great memories with all your friends. Because really once you leave that graduation hall you’re neverot going to see each other again.

Mostly I wish someone had told me to prepare for all those haters and pretenders cause man I wasn’t ready. I didn’t know that I’d have people pretend to be my best friends just so that they can learn which spot hurts the most so they can touch it right there. I wasn’t prepared for all the hate. I wasn’t prepared for all the betrayals.

But you know what highschool was great! I learnt so many things, still am and I met some really awesome people there. Okay wait why am I talking like I’m 50? To those who didn’t know I’m actually doing grade 12 right now so I guess that’s why I’m talking like this. So yes

Yuup guys so that’s all the things I wish I had learnt or prepared for when coming to highschool. I feel like if I knew these things then maybe highschool would have been much easier and maybe I could have always came with a gun to school.


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  1. This is such a nice post. I think I’m going to show it to my little sister who is still in high school. She would like it 😀

    1. Thank you so much and do show her. She’ll thank you later ❤ ❤

  2. This is a beautiful post, more people need to read this honestly

    1. Thanks you! That means a lot 😀

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