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Hey guys what is up? Welcome to my first ever hack post. Today I’ll be giving you guys some tips and tricks on Fashion that will help you in your daily life. We all know how Pinterest is like that child in class that knows everything so I had to head over there and get some tips that will help both me and you.

Useful Fashion Hacks

Smelly shoes

To those that play sport you probably also have that one pair of takkies that just doesn’t smell okay and maybe you’ve tried washing it but that smell is still not going anywhere.To get rid of that smell you can
● Put baking soda in the shoes.
● Place a dry teabag in each shoe and leave it over night and by the next day the smell will be gone.


So you wanna wear your favorite shirt but then you realise that it’s got some wrinkles and doesn’t look clean even though it is.
● Put some water in a spray bottle, stretch out the shirt and there your shirt looks freshly ironed.
● Hopefully if you have a hair dryer you can just hang up your shirt and then blow dry it and the wrinkles will go away


You know those little balls that pop up after wearing a shirt a couple of times? To remove those.
● You can use a razor shaver to shave them off.
● If you have Velcro rollers too these help. All you got to do is just roll it down on the clothing and it will take them all off.

Armpit stains.

Ever worn a white shirt and noticed that after washing it you still had that yellow stain that won’t go away no matter what?
● Dissolve 4 tablespoons salt in 1 litre hot water. Sponge the clothing with the solution until the stain disappears. »
● Scrubbing the clothing with lemon juice and water until the stain disappears helps too.

Runs in your tights.

Am I the only one who gets so irritated when their tights start to run? Because I literally can’t take it. To keep them from running you can just…
● Simply spray your tights with a light coat of hairspray.
● Keep some polish with you in your bag so that when you see a run start then you can lightly brush the run.Yuup guys thats all I’ll be sharing with you guys today. I hope that you guys found these hacks pretty cool and useful too. If there is some hacks you’d like to share that you think would help please leave them in the comments. By the way how are the exams going? I’m only starting mine next week so I’m quite stressed.QOTD : WHAT IS A FAVOURITE HACK YOU’VE LEARNT.Stay connected.
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