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Hey guys what is up, what is popping(lol I just had to ask that)? We are literally done with this year, like soon we’ll be popping some water(because we don’t drink) and talking about new year resolutions! So today I’m going to be sharing with you the jams I’ve been vibing to in the last month. If you know me then you know hoe much I love music so getting to exchange with you guys what I listen to is pretty cool.

I feel like this is just the best way to start a new month with some good music and some good vibes. You know so we can get vibing together.

So here’s what I’ve been listening to in the last month.

1. Emma Hessters X Beyonce Sorry cover

2. Drake X Views (The whole album)

3. Beyonce X Lemonade(The Whole Album)

4. ChrisBrown X Grass Ain’t Greener

5. Foxes X Cruel

6. Flo Rida X Hello Friday

7. Calvin Harris X This is what you came for

8. Pia Mia X Underneath

9. Drezzy X Body

10. Meghan Trainor X Me Too

11. Pia Mia X Shot Gun Love

12. Desiigner X Panda

13. Pia Mia X What A Girl Wants

14. Ruth B X Superficial Love

15. Ruelle X I Get To Love You

16. Ruth B X Lost Boy

17. Daya X Sit Still, Look Pretty

18. Calumn Scott X Dancing On My Own

19. Nasty C X Hell Naw

Yuup guys so those are all the jams I’ve been jamming to in the past month. So what did you think? Do you like my taste in music, do you listen to the same music as me or do you feel like I’m missing out on some great music? Leave all of those diamonds in the comments section! I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to tell me or leave links to your current playlist.




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