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Hey guys what is up?! Oh my goodness it has been way too long. You’re welcome to shed some tears. Okay first let me explain myself. I have been having so many wifi problems for way too long and because I didn’t have any posts scheduled it was a pain. And at times that I did have some wifi I really wasn’t up to it and didn’t want to post anything bad. But no more tears I am back and running and because I am currently on school holidays I’ll be making it up to you.

Here’s a tissue, we’re done with that. Today like the first of every other month we’ll be doing my last months play list. Here’s were my vibes have been laying.
1. Rihanna X Love on the Brain

2. Fetty Wap X Trap Luv 

3. Adele X Send My Love

4. Little Mix X Hair 

5. Little Mix X Secret Love Song 

6. Kent Jones X Don’t Mind 

7. Calvin Harris X This Is What You Came For 

8. Pink X Just Like Fire 

9. Ariana Grande X Dangerous Woman 

10. Drake X One Dance 

11. Chrisbrown X Make Love
Yuup guys so those are the songs I’ve been jamming to in the last month (well those I can remember). This list is probably looking a little crusty but that’s because I have been pretty much listening to the same songs that you already know. If there are any songs you feel like I’m missing out on please do share them with me. And happy new month you guys!
I really have been missing you guys so badly and having to look at the WordPress app and not be able to go onto it was complete torture. So please forgive me but I promise I’ll make it up to you. 
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