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Hey guys what is up? Today I have a tutorial for you. I’ll be showing you how to do diy fake nails. I’ve been seeing a whole lot of YouTubers and bloggers all around doing this tutorial so I told my friend about it and we decided to hit it! The weird thing about this tutorial though is that the reality of it didn’t actually go as to plan(I’ll have a blog post about it soon) so I’m not sure if it’s right to be doing this tutorial but at the same time I had a really great time doing this tutorial and I wanted to share it with you guys. But I swear to you these are the right steps.


What You Will Need.
• Hard Nail Filer.
• White nail Tips.
• Nail Glue.
• Nail Clipper.
• Nail Polish.

1. Cut your nails to a reasonable size.
2. Buff/File your nails to smoothen them. This will make them easier to glue on.
3. Choose the right sized nails for each finger.


4. Using the nail glue, glue the nail tips onto your nails. Making sure to leave a bit of space between your cuticle and kind of like quarter way of your nails.
5. Make sure to press on them for a couple of seconds to insure they are glued on properly.
6. Wait a couple of minutes for the glue to dry up properly.
7. Use the nail clipper to cut the nail tips to the size you like. You can also cut the nails to an outline of the shape you want.
8. Using the buffer, buff all your nails on all sides to smoothen them and mould them to the shape you like.


9. Paint your nails to which ever colour you like. When painting them make sure that the space you left is filled to a level were your nail and the fake nail meet. So it doesn’t look weird.
10. Wait for your nails to dry for a couple of minutes.
11. Then you’re done! Make sure you also paint the front edges of your nails so they don’t look white.


The reason that you see nail polish remover and cotton is for those who already have nail polish on so they can remove it. And to clean up your nail polish when you’re done. However I don’t recommend using cotton or tissue because with the glue on the cotton sticks onto your nail so rather use something like a wash cloth.

Yup guys so that is my tutorial on how to do fake nails. When I did this I did kind of make mistakes but don’t worry I made sure to write this tutorial In a way that will make it kind of easier. And I hope that this tutorial was easy to understand.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and thank you for taking your time to read it. I really appreciate it! Stay tuned for the reality of this whole process because
yol there is so many things that I did wrong lol but it was very funny and actually kept me busy for a couple of hours.

So tell me do they look as bad as I think they do and rate me lol id really like to know what you guys think. And tell me, what’s your favourite nail polish colour?

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  1. I’ve seen so many of theses but this tutorial seems more understandable!

    1. I’m glad you think so! Thank you

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