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Journey Lekhuleni and Jabulile Hlongwane

Hey guys what is up? So on the  30th of September I got to experience the day that most teenagers dream about since a young age(well almost because the aim is to leave a statement.Prom for me was very weird. I had so many plans for the day but I can tell you that it didn’t go all the way that I had planned. My plans for prom were that I was gonna design a dress that I had seem on the Internet but I had to end up going through 2 designers who all failed to deliver.


My first designer was a lady I had met through my cousin and who had done an amazing job on my cousin’s dress so it was only the right thing to do, call her to do my dress. At first this lady was amazing, she told me everything I wanted to hear and we had agreed that since I had contacted her in like March that we’d meet up early September or late August because making my dress would take her about 2 weeks and she didn’t want me gaining weight after she’d already made the dress.

So we had finalised everything. Time, date and how everything was gonna happen and like I thought everything was set and that we were good to go but then this girl dropped me. She out of no where stopped accepting my calls, my texts and she just went MIA. Keeping in mind that it was already September and I had just over 3 weeks to get a dress which for me is little time.


So then I started contacting friends and getting contacts about the next best designer because in my head I wanted that dress and that was the dress I was gonna wear. I had already showed some friends that I was wearing that particular dress and I had decided on shoes, hair and makeup so changing that dress would take me back to square one so I was tryna push to get this dress.

Another friend of mine had introduced me to this other designer who also specialised in like matric dance dresses and suits. It took too long to find this guy and can I just say that this guy was not very welcoming and he was a bit cocky about all he did. So he didn’t really pay attention to me and my mother like we wanted. But anyway this guy agreed to doing this dress and he had taken my measurements and we were set to go. Well not really because I told him the date and be full out said NO. Like he didn’t wanna hear anything more he just bluntly told me he couldn’t.So there I was wiggling out of his store without a designer.

Okay this post is getting long…


Then you wouldn’t guess what my mom wanted to do lol. My mom wanted all the stress off of her so she decided she would try force me to get a dress at that shopping centre. And I’m not talking about a normal shopping centre with Edgars and stuff no, this shopping mall was a freaking wholesale Chinese kinda place( that’s where the designer was situated ) and the dresses weren’t like a good quality or like a good material they were the type of dresses that looked like tin foil and no offence to anyone but the dresses weren’t in any good conditions and if I tried on something you would see like threads or like it becoming loose so generally they were a no-no. But my mom was set on me getting a dress and let’s just say because I’m a Taurus it didn’t go her way.

With teary eyes I had then convinced my mom to go to Cresta which is a big mall closest to our house and that’s where I had found my dress. At this point I gotta say that I was tired, it was like late afternoon and really I was just trying to get a nice dress and leave. And i knew that if I didn’t get a dress then, then my mom would have seriously told me to stay home and not go to prom because she was that pissed too. Anyway I ended up finding a beautiful dress at YDE at a very reasonable price. Guys I literally cut down more than 50% of the price of my original dress for this number so that was a great bargain. I ended up getting my shoes at LEGIT


Anyway skipping to the 30th of September. I had planned for a photographer to come take group pictures with my friends and like a whole shoot but it ended up being two girl shoot because 5 of my friends didn’t pitch up which was really annoying because this guy was actually doing us a favour and for the girls not to pitch was really rude. Anyway me and my friend Jabu had a great time taking pictures, we did different poses and my family even went in on taking pictures with us and it was such a great time. The photographer Claude was also a great guy, with such a great personality and did such a wonderful job with our pictures so our session was such a jol.


For my hair and makeup I had to also do a 360 turn. I ended up having a faux ponytail on with my natural hair. For my makeup I went to Red square and they did my makeup there in return for me getting all the products they used and to be honest even though I’m a control freak I loved the makeup. I went in there thinking they were gonna mess me up but it was pretty lovely. Then I went to go get acrylics and my lashes done at Liras which I really loved but you the shizz is not coming off. Lol I still have my nails on and it was a man’s job to remove my lashes lol.

Our matric dance was in Krugersdorp at Usambara lodge and well we had a good time. Me and my friend whom went with an Uber were actually late so we kinda had a grand entrance and people were complimenting us like no other. I ended up dancing with another guy that I kinda like and yeah even though it was kind of awkward because I really can’t dance and he couldn’t dance either we made the best of it.

Lol our matric dance was kind of weird because my school mates literally turned a classy even into a hood event but it was still enjoyable. I danced with so many people and the food( oh yes the food!) Was great. We had a buffet kind of dinner so that was pretty cool because I like choosing my own size of food lol.

Overall the event was pretty good. I took hundred’s of other picture’s on my cellphone with different people and we just had a night to remember. So yeah guys that was my matric dance. I never went to the after party because that’s not my kind of scene but overall the matric dance was a night to remember and that I would encourage people to go because it’s really awesome.

Anyway thank you for reading. My next post will be 10 things I learnt about prom because from all the things that went wrong I can tell you that I’m the best person should should listen to. So stay tuned for that post and mwah!

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