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Hey guys what is up?  So last time I talked about the idea type of date and how to make sure youre confident and that you looked good. Today I wanted us to talk a little more about going the extra mile and making sure that the date night  is extra special. So I’ve got some ideas that you or your date can do to add a little more sparkle to the datenight.


I don’t know anything else that can be as romantic as roses. So if you want to give your date a wack of special then giving your date a bouquet of roses or even if you’re not going to give them a bouquet then sprinkle some rose petals at your venue and trust me your date will already have the greatest impression of you! But do find out if your date is allergic to any roses or flowers.

Chocolate and Homemade Cooking. 

To go a little extra on the date show off some of your good or not so good cooking skills(lol I do suggest looking for a recipe just to avoid some food poisoning!). Dismiss the idea of going to a restaurant and whip yourself and date a 3 course meal and trust me you’re going to be on the A level.

Chocolate is the ultimate prize winner(well unless your date is allergic or doesn’t like chocolate, so make sure to find out)! After your meal and you guys are just talking or gazing at the starts add in some chocolate to just secure the date. Nothing is better than heart to heart talking with some chocolate!

Car Renting! 

Why don’t you save yourself and your date the struggle and rent out a car! Nothing beats being in the backseat of a car, eye to eye with your date! Add in some some cuddling and a black and I tell you A++ So visit up a car renting company such as Turo and then you guys can still enjoy the date with out any hassles.


Whether you’re good or bad at dancing, sizzle up your date with some dancing. What genre is your choice but if I had a say in it i would definitely say start off with an up beat song like Bailando and work your way up to a slow song. No I don’t mean a song that will probably make things awkward but a song that will bring up some heart felt emotions. And there ladies and gentleman a night to remember!


Music is known to evoke a lot of emotions so what better way to make your date fall a little deeper? Play some romantic music in the background while you guys are on the date and just let the music consume you! You guys can even cuddle up outside, gaze at the stars while you’ve got some music melting your heart.


Yes light up some scented candles, dim the lights and bring your date over! I don’t know one person who doesn’t like candles, so candles are the perfect way to make sure your date night is a little more spicey. While you guys are busy with the 3 course dinner add in the candles for a more romantic feel.

Yuup guys so those are my tips on making your date night a little more special. Thanks to Emma for giving me this wonderful idea! If you are looking for a rental car company go check out Turo and who knows you might just set the standards to a whole new level.

Thank you for reading! Don’t forget to like and leave a comment telling me how you’d bring your date night to an A level.

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