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Hey guys what is up. Welcome to collabmas day 14, well more like blogmas day 14 because today again I don’t have another collaboration (this is getting sad) lol but it’s okay.Firstly I’d like to say Happy Birthday to my cuz, let’s lay off the ratchetivity. Anyway today I, gonna be showing you 3 types of dresses you can rock for Christmas.

So for Christmas I feel like the unsaid rule and tradition is that you wear formal and your best kind of clothes (well in most movies that I see). And for girls I kind of feel like that is the day where you take out your classiest skirts and dresses.

Anyway here are top 3 dresses to look classy in.

1. Classic red dress.

Firstly red is like the traditional Christmas colour and no one would say anything about the colour because it’s Christmas. It looks classy on all skin tones and you can never go wrong. If you don’t know what to wear on Christmas, a red dress will save the day.

2. Bodycons.

Okay so bodycons are one of my favourite type of dresses. I like the fact that you could wear them with any type of shoe and you could still look classy. Also if you don’t really want to go out that much this is the best and sexy way to look simple.

3. Slip on dresses.

Slip on dresses are more the alternative way to looking extra classy. Add some simple heels and you’re A graded. Slip on dresses are the best because they are very easy to style and they look amazing on everyone. Also there is no way to dress down a slip on dress, it will forever look classy.

Yup guys so those are my top 3 dresses to wear to a Christmas dinner or event. I’ve made sure to add a dress for each kind of person and so that anyone would still look good in them. Which dress was your favourite and are you a heel or sneaker kind of girl?


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