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Hey guys what is up?! So for today I wanted to do something a little more creative so I’ve collaborated with tranquilmayhem to talk about why Christmas meant or was to us. So here’s why I came up with…

Christmas is the star that you put on top of your Christmas tree. Last, but very special.

It is the butterfly’s you feel in your stomach at 8 when your parents tell you to go to sleep and you know you’re almost there.

Christmas is the feelings you feel when you sign your name on that letter to Santa with a big smile.

Christmas is the feel and sound of Christmas wrappers as you tear them off your Christmas gift, excited to see what you got.

It is the feel of taking off the labels off your new clothing because it’s Christmas, the day you’re going to wear them.
Christmas is the loud music playing loudly door to door from the 1st day of December.

Christmas is hand written letters and ugly doodles that are written on cards that you think are master pieces.

Yuup guys so that is what Christmas kind of means or is to me. Please do go and check out the blog tranquilmayhem to see what Christmas means to her. We have tried to incorporate our Christmas traditions into the post since we’ve both figured out we both have different traditions than the normal ones for Christmas.

Thank you for reading!

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