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Hey guys what is up?! So for today’s blog post I have decided to speak about my family. Christmas is a time for family and happiness so I decided why not speak about the people that mean a lot to me and kind of tell you about their craziness and how we operate. 

So my famioy consists of more than 9 people but whatever. I’d like to think my family is very weird. My family always feels the need to do things differently than what other people tend to do. They add more sauce to everything they do that you’d ask what the heck. 

They are the type to forget about your birthday until the day and pretend like they were pretending to have forgotten,They are also the type to laugh and tease you the whole day and then come ask you for a favour.

My family isn’t strict but they know how to hold you down and make you listen. They are the type to listen to you when in great need but also the ones to put you in the right direction.

My family has got many different types of people. We’ve got the eat a lots, fighters, crazies and stubborn people. We all could make up a whole community with all our personalities combined but what I love about all of us is that we stay together. We could fight at home but when we’re out there we do our best and standby or each other. 

Most of the family is creative which us good because that means we’ve got a clear connection and it’s not hard for each of us to understand each other. We’ve got singers, artists,  musicians and even writers. 

We also have a huge strong bond that I dont think anyone could break even though we do fight a lot. And sometimes people don’t even understand the things we do but we’re okay with it because we understand each other.

We are basically a mixture of everything mixed into one. Different but we still go together. 

Yup guys so that’s a little part of my family. What did you think? Thank you so much for reading and leave a comment in the comments section telling me one thing about your family.


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