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Hey guys what is up?! Welcome right back! So for today’s post I wanted to speak about shopping. I know during the Christmas time people feel like buying all the shops and leaving themselves with no money so I wanted to weak about the things I wouldn’t mind just spending money. 

I always worry about wasting money when not needed because I feel like you should always save and try by all means to try spend on things that you need. However I’m still a girl and shopping is only natural. So I’ve filtered this to the top 3 things because otherwise this list could go on. 

1. Food. 

Who doesnt love food though?! Okay so sometimes I do feel like spending money on food is a waste because you only taste the food for a few second’s but you know what, food is food and food is good so embrace it. I love the feeling of being able to eat whatever you want so I always makesure to have money for food and I always splurge because I love great food. 

2. Clothing.

Looking from my blog you should know that clothing is one of my favourite things, if it was by me, I would buy clothing everyday. I honestly don’t mind spending money on clothing. For me that’s a necessity. I also believe that looking good should cost you a good amount. I don’t necessarily mean you should be spending thousands but you should always be buying a few things every couple or months.

3. Makeup.  

Makeup is another thing I wouldn’t mind splurging on. I like how makeup gurus have their own collections and sets of makeup and I actually would love to have some of my own. I also believe in having every colour and kind of everything so that’s why I don’t mind  splurging on it. And again looking good should cost a good amount. 

Yup guys so those are the 3 things I wouldn’t mind splurging on. What is the one thing you always go to the mall looking for? Thank you so much for reading and yup only a few days left till Christmas.


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