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Hey guys what is up?! We are soo close to Christmas! Today I am collaborating with Karthika who owns the blog Smile Your Day Ahead. We decided to give you guys some tips and kind of like motivation. She’ll have her post up right now too about


Now I agree with the above saying whole heartley because I believe in fighting and facing your difficulties no matter how hard they are. I do not understand how people could give up on something just because it’s difficult or that there’s something in the way, if you want something fight for it. Go and get it.

Everyday should be a day where you celebrate all that you’ve accomplished, all that you’ve fought and like a warrior everyday should be a day where you’re proud of all the fights you’ve fought.

Never let your problems sink you down or stop you from having a good day, month or year. Tell yourself that you will conquer all your difficulties and make it out. Let it be a goal everyday : To fight like a warrior and at that the best at that field.

Imagine if we all just gived up or cried about all our difficulties, we wouldn’t go anywhere. In fact I probably wouldn’t be blogging and the world wouldn’t go anywhere. We probably would still be in the stone age or even before that because God knows how difficult it was for people to remove themselves from those ages. My point is we wouldn’t go anywhere, we would become stagnant and no one would have any goal’s to accomplish.

So I want to take the time to be the one to tell you to fight everyday of your life like a warrior. I want you to look at everything that comes up across you like a battle and at that one that you can win. Especially since we are gonna be seeing 2017 real soon let this be your goal. To conquer everything and fight all your difficulties because tell yourself that you will make it. I don’t care how big that difficulty is, if you tell yourself you can do it then you will. Live your life like a warrior.


Somewhere in the bible it says there’s a time and place to cry and also a time and place to be happy. So celebrate all that you have accomplished. Let yourself be happy and allow yourself to celebrate the happiness you feel after fighting all those difficulties because God knows how hard it can be. But, if you were able to win even after the hardness then allow yourself to have a glass of that champagne because you’ve made it. Allow yourself to be happy and acknowledge the feeling of satisfaction when you’ve accomplished something.

Yup guys so that is today’s collaboration. Please go and check out Karthika’s post, it is really inspiring and I think you should take a go at it because you can learn a lot from it. Also follow her blog because it’s amazing.

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