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Hey guys what is up?! So if you’re like me, you haven’t bought anyone any gift. It’s in your head to do so but you just never do. It’s like you know you have to do it but you don’t. So today I’ve got a few specific things that you could buy anyone and they’d still love them. oh before I forget MERRY CHRISTMAS

1. A Watch.
Everybody needs to see the time so nobody could reject a watch at any time. To spice things up you could even buy the ones with the replaceable straps so whomever you’re buying it for could change the straps whenever they want to.

2. Chocolate.
First ask or know if that person is allergic or not. I actually know of a few people who don’t eat chocolates or are allergic to them. If whomever you’re buying the gift for isn’t allergic then buy them some chocolate. If you’re broke you could even buy them basic slabs of chocolate and then it won’t look like you came empty handed.

3. Gift cards.
What i like about gift cards is the fact that you don’t have to choose any gift. The person can choose whatever they like within that budget and you’d still be the one who bought it. To add a bonus make sure that the gift card is from their favourite store or somewhere nice.

4. Ornaments.
Okay so maybe your uncle likes donkeys or cars. What you could do is get a little ornament of whatever he likes (make sure it goes with their decor) and then he can put it up somewhere in his house.

5. Money.
Money is probably the easiest thing you could get someone especially if you’re loaded. Just pack a couple of bucks and give them to who ever and trust me they will always be appreciative. It’s also like the gift card, the person gets to choose whatever they want to do with the money.

6. Cups/mugs
So I don’t know about you but I love receiving mugs and I think everyone else does too. I think a mug is the cheapest thing you could actually get because you could get a basic cup from PEP and decorate it with a Sharpee then add some chocolate in the cup and boom you’ve got yourself a perfect gift.

Yuup guys so those are the most basic gifts you could get someone. Also these are very easy to find, you could probably go to your closest PNP and they’ll be right there. What’s the worst gift you’ve ever gotten?

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