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Hey guys what is good? Welcome right back to Journeyspeaks!! Today I am making a comparison between two different pictures taken at completely different times. The point is to just see how my photography skills have processed as time went and if I learnt some new skills with the camera or do I honestly just suck.

With time moving and technology developing so fast I feel like photography is always taking a huge turn. From using back cameras from our blackberries to now using phones with dual lens cameras and cameras that are so advanced, picture taking skills from amateurs have upgraded from a 0 to a 1000. For example the new camera technology from Light that just keeps pushing levels.

Okay so this picture was taken over 2 years ago!! Can you believe it, 2 YEARS AGO!! For this picture I had used my Samsung Galaxy tab 4 which at the time was the bomb. This was a time when we used to use picture taking apps like retrica and candy cam and as you can see I had just learnt of VSCO Cam. Okay so firstly lets talk about the pose. Why do I look like a kid who didn’t get candy on Halloween? Lol honestly, I look dead!

Secondly you can see that the quality isn’t that great. My tablet didn’t have a good camera so I don’t blame the picture but looking at it in 2017 I am like honestly?! even though it was good for that time. Again, the angle that I took the picture at is just horrifying. Instead of having the camera facing down on me the camera is facing up which is not working to my faces advantage.

The last thing I want to talk about is just the editing. Honestly, I don’t know what I was thinking, who inspired these filters and where I was going with this but this was just a disaster. Sad thing is that 2 years ago this picture was the bomb and actually got a decent amount of likes on Instagram.

Overall this picture was a mess. The colours are all mixed up in tones of yellow and I wish I knew a little something about whitening images and actually sharpening parts of the picture.


The second comparison is of a picture that I took just recently. Now on this picture you can see a whole lot of progress. Here we have moved away from yellow tones and unclear images instead we have a very clear image that is sharp and gives off the best detail. This picture was taken with an iPhone 5s which is a dramatic change from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. For instance, the 5s has a 8 Megapixel back camera whereas the tab had only a 1.3 megapixel front camera – DRAMATIC CHANGE.

You can see that on this picture we have more of a clear view and even though the picture was edited the colours are brighter to see and much cleaner. You can see the good work of the contrast and how sharp the picture is and even though I did desaturate the picture, it looks crisp. Overall this is a good picture. It’s not the best picture but it is something I wouldn’t mind showing someone.

Thank you for reading. This was actually so fun to look back and review both pictures. Don’t forget to like and please leave a link to one of your earliest blog posts. I want to see the change.!





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