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Hey guys what is good, welcome right back to JourneySpeaks!!! On the 7th of November, Magaliesburg Wine was kind enough to invite me and a couple of other influential people on an adventure with them to the Magaliesburg mountains. Magaliesburg Wine took us on a  Magaliesburg Canopy Tour where we went zip lining and flying about in the air. Here’s my take on it.


When I got the email from Megan inviting me to #adventureawaits I was way over happiness. Especially when I saw the date because I knew that I could take the day off and actually attend. We were all told that there’d be transport for everyone from a central point and that we should all be there at a specific time -but you know your girl had to be late :/ *still apologizing*. However, the Magaliesburg Wine team was so understanding and actually so sweet to wait for me and take me with.

Then the adventure began! From being on the bus Ben who is a winemaker got me clued up about the wine and how they operated and actually told me a bit more about Magaliesburg wine. I would say the ride from Sandton, Johannesburg to the Sparkling Waters Hotel & Spa was about 2 hours long, -which was a bit too long for me but it gave us enough time to get acquainted with each other.

When we got to the Sparkling Waters Hotel & Spa my first reaction was “what the heck are we doing here” I was absolutely confused, nervous and at the same time very excited! But all the people at the canopy tours were so welcoming and so kind that we just laughed off everything and focused on having a great time. Mike who was our “tour guide”  informed us about what we were going to do, safety procedures and all that was going to happen while making jokes so that we didn’t get too technical and lose focus.\

To get to the actual zip lining venue we then went on a top class limo ride which was about 15 minutes and even though the ride was rocky we still enjoyed it. While not forgetting that Mike and Godfrey got our brains heated by questions that seemed easy but we knew nothing about!



Upon getting to the actual zip lining venue I was really nervous because it literally looked like we were going to be flying on some ropes over some mountains. However, this all changed when I went on my first slide and began to get comfortable with the feel of the ropes and actually realized that it wasn’t that bad. Let’s just say the more you do it, the more comfortable you get!

It did get quite tricky when we got to I think the 5th slide and they told us we had to break on our own because we could be coming too fast. My reaction was “excuse me?” I have terrible trust issues with myself so for them to be telling me to depend on myself was really concerning lol. However, we all got the hang of it and continued on the great adventure.

After doing all the slides we then went on a small little hike where I felt they were setting us to death! However, it was really short so I was thankful to God for keeping me alive 😀 What was also nice about the adventure was the educational part of it as well. While we were busy having fun Mike would also add in a couple of educational comments and facts that we didn’t know about the earth and South Africa.

After flying about in the air and then going on the small hike we then went on to some lunch which consisted of some burgers and fries and then Magaliesburg wine fixed us up with some cocktails to just help us relax and wind down. We all then just had a great time talking about the adventure and getting to know each other more. I can definitely tell you that no one was ready for the ride back home.

I honestly had a great time that I will most definitely do zip lining again and a huge thank you goes to the whole of the Magaliesburg wine team for organizing such a great adventure because I wouldn’t have thought that flying in the air was great fun. I also met some really great people while on this adventure that I can now call friends. If you’re interested in zip lining or would just like to try something new I’d definitely recommend going on the canopy tour, it’s just amazing. I will also leave some links for you guys if any of you decide you want to try it out.

I will also have a blog post up about the Magaliesburg wine that I got to take home and maybe try out a few recipes so if you’re looking forward to that then make sure you are following the blog.



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Thank you so much for reading!

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