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Hey lovie what’s popping, welcome right back to the blog! I know everyone is currently talking about the month of love and date night ideas but I’d really like to talk about something that I feel is a huge factor amongst us as well as something that touches ones heart at a point in time. Today I want us to talk about getting what you want.

I know most of us have big plans as to the things we want to achieve in life as well as who we want to be in life but we lack the action to get what we want or even the planning to what we want and today I’d like to help myself as well as you get around to making things happen, that’s why I’ve created these 3 steps and guidelines to making it happen!

These are some of the steps and guidelines to help you and me get what we want!

Define what you want.
Everyone has a certain thing or goal they would like to achieve. What you need to do is sit down and ask yourself what it is that you want and how far you’re willing to go to actually achieve that particular thing. You need to be in understanding as to the thing that you want and be at a point where you can see it going.

Is it realistic?
I’m not trying to say things are impossible but you need to look at the state that you are in at the moment and measure the possibility of that thing happening in the near future. I mean you can’t be planning on buying a plane when you know you can’t fly one unless you have means in place to learn how to fly one. So think carefully about your goal and have means to get it happening. Let them be goals that you know you are capable of doing otherwise get yourself capable.

How far are you willing to go to get what you want?
Sometimes we tell ourselves that we really want something but when we actually calculate and measure it out we find out that we don’t really want this thing or that we want something else. The best thing to do is to ask yourself how far you’re willing to go to achieve your goal and if it’s not that far then maybe you need to ask yourself again what it is you really want.

Start now!
I think the worst illness we all have is procrastination and we need to help ourselves deal with it. If we can all start now with all the plans and ideas we have in our heads then we would all become something relevant in life. My advice to you is to actually start now no matter the situation, what you have and who you are. Start now! Don’t let anything stop you and stop putting your goals for another day.

Yuup guys so those are my 3 easy steps into getting what you want and I really hope that this post will help some of us and that in the next future we can all say we did it. If you did like this post then give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to share!

Question of the day: what do you do to make sure you make it happen?

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