Common black girl tag 2018

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Hey guys what’s popping!! Welcome right back to the blog. For today’s blog post I’ll be doing the common black girl tag which I think is going to be really interesting and relatable because from reading some of the questions I noticed these are the type of questions we normally ask each other. I hope you enjoy the tag and hopefully learn something new about me!

Quick background: I am originally born in South Africa witbank. I lived there for a couple of years until I needed to start preschool, from there I moved to Nelspruit Bushbuckridge where I also lived for a few years and the left for Johannesburg which is where I am currently staying. Ethnicity wise I am a Pedi/Swati/Tsonga from South Africa but generally only speak Sepedi fully. Otherwise let’s get on with the tag!

1. have you ever been told you sound like a white girl?

All the time!! And a lot of times it’s from other black people, and I’m like “how does a white person even sound?!?”

2. do you drink starbucks?

Yes I do, however it’s not an everyday drink. I think the last time I drank Star bucks was about a year ago.

3. do people ever say you act “ghetto?”

Nah. Not really. I’m more of a quiet person in public.

4. can you dance?

Yeah when I’m home alone and I’m feeling really hyped.

5. do you eat ‘soulfood’ or do you know what it is?

Yeah I eat soul food however I feel like people always have different sorts of ideas when it comes to soul food depending on where they come from. so I’m not sure we are on the same page.

6. do you go to private, private, or charter school?

I went to a public school.

7. how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Approximately about an hour and 15 minutes but that’s only because I’m forced to. Otherwise I would probably take 3 hours

8. how many selfies do you take daily?

I take a bunch! I take about 20 a day however it depends on the day and how I’m feeling because sometimes I even go for days without taking pictures.

9. do you always try to look presentable?

Yup by all means however it doesn’t always work out.

10. what are your averages grades in school?

About a 75

11. do you have a lot of friends?

I’ve got a lot of people I talk to, however only a few friends.

12. how many followers do you have on instagram?

1288, sad I know.

You can add me #wink LINK

13. does your name have “isha, ja, or nique” in it?

Lol haha no hey instead it’s a weird name used in our everyday lives.

14. do you roll your neck or eyes, commonly?

A sufficient amount a day.

15. how often do you get an attitude?

All the time! However I’m not the one to start unnecessary fights or arguments so I usually just talk a lot in my head and create dialogs of what I should have done

16. do you like taylor swift?

I’ve got nothing against her but I mean she’s not my favourite. I’ve jammed to a few songs of hers.

17. have you ever had to deal with racism?

Yes but in most cases people try to hide behind “I’m not being racist but….” Which is sick because people expect you to smile and carry on as if what they’ve said is not offensive.

18. would you date a white boy or any other ethnicity outside of your race?

Yes, if I was interested in them of course.

19. do you wear weave, if so, how often?

No but I’d like to try.

20. are you lightskin, brownskin, or darkskin?

I’d say brownskin. My skin has changed drastically from a dark skin to a brown skin.

21. are you described as loud or quiet?

Loud as heck!

22. whats the most annoying question you get asked?

”Is that your real hair?” [Rolls eyes]

23. have you ever been called “ratchet?”


24. do you pat your head or do you do the assisted scratch?

Girl I do both lol!! When a scratch needs the scratch then you gotta scratch. It don’t matter how.

25. who is your favorite african american couple?

It used be Will and Jada Smith but I think they are separated or something :/ I don’t really follow couples

26. what african american women do you look up to?

Can I say Rihanna? I love how she’s doing the things she loves and has established a way of making money through it. That for me is goals! There are a few other people like Zendaya and Keke Palmer

27. what is your favorite thing about being South African?

All the different cultures that make us one and how we can integrate different ways of doing things into one.

28. do you like fried chicken? do you like watermelon?

Yup I love both. I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t like fried chicken made by their momma

29. is your natural hair long?

Looking at the South African population and the length of hair they have I’d say my hair is pretty long.

30. do you commonly talk with your hands?

Is there any other way of sending through a message without using your hands?

32. have you ever been in a physical fight?

Yeah unfortunately. Lol I’m not discussing anything further!!

33. do you know how to twerk?


34. do you have any white friends?

Yeah about a few though.

35. did you enjoy this tag

I did! It honestly gave me a sense of culture and made me laugh at how familiar these questions are or how other people have asked me these questions already.

Thank you so much for reading and if this is the first time visiting this blog then I hope you subscribe and join the family

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