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Hey guys what’s popping, welcome right back to the blog! Who said you can’t put sweats to the next level? Many times we associate sweat pants and shirts with lazing around and just relaxing at home so I wanted to show you how to turn it into an outfit you can wear around to more put together outings aswell as how to laze it around on outings with friend’s.

Okay so here’s the first fit

Most of the time when I wear sweat pants it’s because I wanna be comfortable and in my zone but for this outfit I wanted to be more put together and look like I was actually on a mission to do something, even though I wasn’t!

I wore this out on a day out with friends where I didn’t feel the need to be any extra. The look did me well because we were all around Johannesburg doing crazy things and this outfit allowed me to be free.

Here I wore a two piece set from Mr Price in a light grey. I generally think the colour is very flattering for when you just wanna be out and about but I also feel it’d be better styled with grey sneakers but my name is Journey and sometimes do things that don’t make sense. I also paired in my small sequence back pack from Legit just to add in a bit of sas.

For look two, I actually wore this out to work and almost got in trouble for it. To move away from just any comfortable look I paired my sweatpants with some block heels, a basic tee and a denim jacket just so that it looked more put together.

I must say that look is very flattering and does well for the cold weather. I do recommend though that if you ever try this look, go for sweats that fit you really well because with the heels then the sweats sort of look like normal pants. I guess the baggy look could also go but it will depend on your style and how you’d style it.

So those are the two ways to style your sweatpants, give me any feedback on the looks and tell me what you’d like to read next. Thank you so much for reading.

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I am a 21-year-old female from Johannesburg, South Africa with a great passion for performing and arts. Fashion and Beauty is a way to portray who and how you want people to see you and being a person who taught herself to always keep her head high I wanted a channel through which I could empower all types of people around the world.

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