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Is it not weird that I am probably one of the few South Africans that had no clue where Harties was? With the name Journey you’d think I’m clued up about some of the best places to go to for getaways and vacations but honestly, I don’t know much.

On the weekend of April 26th, me and my boyfriend decided to spend the weekend in Hartbeespoort and breathe in different kind of oxygen! To say that I am disappointed in that I never take the time to visit other provinces other than the usual is an understatement.


Let I be the one to tell you that having no car in this day and age can really be an inconvenience! My boyfriend and I left from work, headed to Johannesburg CBD to catch a taxi which was a problem on its own. Not only did it take time to get a taxi full but there was no taxi that was going straight to our location so we ended up taking a taxi to Brits.

Can I also be the one to tell you that getting an Uber/Taxify(Bolt) in Harties is problematic. Taxify tells you that it Is not available in the area and Ubers are all too far from the location and the drivers keep on canceling. After waiting for almost an hour my boyfriend and I ended up having to ask a couple that owned one of the farms to take us to the location.


For accommodation, my boyfriend and I used bookings.com to select somewhere to lay our heads to rest. We were not really bothered about accommodation that much as we were there to experience the area than to rest our heads so we chose an affordable place called Die Plasie on-suite rooms that was nice and cozy. Die Plasie on-suite rooms offers a beautiful garden (which is great for photographs and picnics) as well as cute animals such as rabbits and chickens that go as good company. We didn’t spend much time in the rooms though but we did get to take a few beautiful pictures in the garden.

Out and about

On Saturday morning we woke up, got ready and we were on the hunt for an adventure. We really didn’t know where we were going but we knew it had to be near the Harties Dam because my boyfriend has always been wanting to go on one of the boat rides. We took a local taxi that we had no idea was going but we told the driver to take us somewhere we could do fun things.

The driver dropped us off somewhere in the heart of Harties where we were able to grab lunch aswell as just sit and talk. The restaurant we went to is called Barbados and they serve some really delicious burgers. My boyfriend and I literally had the same burgers (which I forgot the names of) but his was topped of with slices of bacon.

Side note : I didn’t think that people still served these types of coke.

We stumbled upon a Snake and Animal Park and decided to see what it was all about. Even though my boyfriend kept on complaining about not wanting to see animals we both ended up having fun!

We walked around seeing all the cute animals and even sat through a snake show that was very funny.

Unfortunately most of the boat rides were unavailable due to plants filling up the whole dam however we did get a chance to ride on the Ferry ride which honestly wasn’t that exciting. The ride was rather very slow and the water plants were covering the whole river that we didn’t get to see much of the river.

When the Snake and Animal park closed at 5 we took another local taxi to the nearest shopping center where we got some food and a bottle of wine from Checkers. From there we took another local taxi that dropped us near our accommodation.We got to our rooms tired and decided to play a couple of games while drinking some wine. Shortly after we dozed off to lala land.

And that was our weekend in Harties! We will make sure to go back before the end of the year for a longer period so that we can fully experience the area.Follow me on social media


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