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Looking for an online shop that sells bags that are affordable and cater for all kinds of styles and fits? Then Baginning is the shop for you!

Baginning sells a selection of designer-inspired, handcrafted , modern style bags that are curated specifically for the budget-minded fashion-lover with expensive taste. Basically if you want to be a baddie for a cheaper price then Baginning has got your back.

Baginning allows you to stock your closet with a variety of purses and bags to make sure that you have one for every outfit – I for one believe that every outfit needs it’s own bag and therfore Bagginning can be very convenient for me because I don’t have to spend as much for beautiful stylish bags.

Bagginning has a collection of Satchel Bags in different colours and styles to fit every persons style. My personal 3 favourites are

1. The Grey Coco Leather handbag with a metal lock.

From scrolling through all the satchel bags this one really caught my eye. I feel like the colour is just very unique and something you’ve never seen before.

2. Brown Satchel Handbag Vintage side bag (Vegan crossbody bag)

This bag I love because it can be an everyday handbag that I carry around errands. The colour is beautiful and I feel you can wear with a lot of outfits.

3. Red Python Leather Handbag with a tag.

LIKE HAVE YOU EVER??!! When I look at this bag I just see money, stylishness and classiness. This is a sort of bag that I carry with me to places that I want to leave a mark and where I just want to make sure that all eyes are on me.

Baginning also has a wide variety of Clear Tote bags that just take you from normal to baddie in one go. Honestly speaking having to choose favourites was quite hard however here I my top 3.

1. Black strip clear Tote bag.

This I chose a favourite mainly because I feel I can use as an every day bag especially when going out to the mall or even when just hanging out with friends.

2. Ring Handle Shoulder Clear Bag with plaid inner pouch.

This bag lives the true definition of “there is levels to these things”. This bag takes any attention in the room for all the good reasons.  I also feel you can pair it with a lot of neutral outfits.

3. Khaki Woven Straw Inner Pouch Bamboo Handle

This I also chose as a favourite because its a nice classy tote bag that you can take with you day outs with girlfriends or even just going for a chill to the beach. I honestly love the classiness of this bag, its subtle but speaks volumes with its beauty.

Unfortunately it seems that Baginning doesn’t ship to Africa yet which is a bit concerning however they do ship to most countries in the world and you can always call them to confirm. They also do have standard shipping for free!


Please make sure to visit Baginnings website online to get yourself beautiful hand bags to up your style.

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