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Hey love, I hope you are doing just fine! I don’t know about you but my favorite all time snack has always been NikNaks. NikNaks were the ride or die snacks my mom always put in my lunchbox at school and even at this age I never forget to put them in grocery basket.

NikNaks has decided to spice things up by coming up with two new ama- ‘Collision’, pack ranges: combining two flavours in one pack! Now you don’t need to spend time deciding which flavor to buy, you can have two flavors packed in one.Flavours : In one burst of flavour, the latest NikNaks offering will combine the original savoury taste of cheese with sweet chilli. For the BBQ lovers out there, NikNaks will also be launching a NikNaks cheese and BBQ Collision.Bringing the awesome flavour of ama- Collision to life, NikNaks hosted a successful Collision Corner at Sunday CookOut on the 29th of September were we chilled nama genge, while listening to good music and eating real food. The day was filled with fun and games for amagenge to enjoy while having a packet of ama-Collision.
Because I want to put you on I’ll let you know that there’s still one more Collision Corner to attend at DUT Steve Biko Campus in Durban.DUT Steve Biko CampusDate: 11 October 2019Venue: DUT Steve Biko Campus
Another great thing is that you can you and your friends a packet of NikNaks’ ama-Collision at all participating stores for only R15.99 affordable and flavourful!Thank you so much for reading, make sure to catch my social media accounts. Socials
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