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On Thursday the 16th Ayanda and I were invited to a night of Glitz and Glamour with Ster-Kinekor to watch the Premier of 1917. A phenomenal Oscar-nominated film that came to Ster-Kinekor screens yesterday.The night was beautiful, filled with good food and drinks and definitely good people. Everyone was so kind and made sure to make us feel comfortable. We started off with some food. After making sure our tummies were full we then went to get some photographs taken. You can definitely see how good the food was from our smiles. Now off to the movie. After getting popcorn and a drink we were set to go. 1917 is a Golden Globe winning war film directed, co-written and produced by Sam Mendes. You can watch the trailer hereWhat is the movie about?This movie takes place during world War I where two soldiers by the names of Cpl. Schofield and Lance Cpl Blake are given orders. – To deliver a message to their fellow comrades. Before you understand what the order entails you seem to think it’s a quick an easy job but as the movie goes you understand that this order could actually be impossible. For these soldiers to accomplish this order they have to go into enemy territory to deliver the message. What makes this message so important is that delivering this message could potentially save lives of 1600 of fellow comrades including Lance Cpl Blake’s brother.1917 takes you on a roller coaster of feelings and gives you an experience of what it is like working as a soldier and having to give yourself up for others. You feel like you are in the movie and the actors just make you go through all the emotions. You really get to understand the struggle the men went through. A movie of this calibre should be appreciated uninterrupted on the big screen, with first-class sound and picture that accompanies this – not watched at home where it can be constantly disrupted.Ayanda and I were greatful to be given the opportunity to watch this movie before hand and we definitely agree that 1917 kept our hearts pounding.Make sure to give yourself the experience of Oscar® Buzz films as they were made to be seen by booking at, download the SK App on your smartphone or book at the box office.  For news and updates, go to Facebook: Ster-Kinekor Theatres | follow Ster-Kinekor on Twitter: @Ster-Kinekor. For all queries, call Ticket-line on 0861 Movies (668 437).