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Hey lovies, I hope all is well. Today I want us to talk about a power woman,who’s got our back financially – Vilochanee Naidoo. Vilochanee is proof that nothing is impossible and that with the right financial mind we can get whatever we want.The first question you’re probably asking yourself is why should I listen to Vilochanee?
Well besides the fact that Vilochanee Naidoo is a Master Graduate in her field, she also has two international accreditations. This tells us that Vilochanee is definitely qualified to give us the advice she so eloquently and understandably writes about.I was lucky to be invited to the launch of her new book, Money Smart which was very exciting and inspiring. Honestly, it made me want to start on a new leaf.When writing this book, Vilochanee had her her son in mind. She wanted to write a book that came from a unique angle that educated and empowered generations. She wanted to ensure that children, university students and people from all walks of life, purposefully gain an understanding of the principles of money and the power that they either give it or not.Money Smart focuses on every-day personal finance, something that everyone can relate to and can definitely learn from.Aspects covered in Money Smart
  • A personal finance-savvy portfolio Creating finance-savvy success
  • Buying a car
  • Buying a property
  • Shopping principles
  • Managing contracts and obligations Financial wellness
  • Savings and investments.
A portion of the proceeds of all sales are given to Nkosi’s Haven which is a registered NGO in Johannesburg, that offers residential, holistic care and support for mothers and their children whose lives have been impacted by HIV/AIDS. Nkosi’s Haven also provides support for orphans, HIV/AIDS affected or not. It aims to improve the productivity of their residents through providing access to medical care, therapy, education and skill building workshops.Get yourself a copy.
Money Smart can be bought hardcopy from as little as R350
eBook for R199
Kindle indle at R66.
More information about the book can be found at:
To hear her interview on Chai FM:
Connect with Vilochanee Naidoo on Social Media:
Facebook: Vilochanee Naidoo

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