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Hey loves, I hope you keeping safe and staying at home during these tough times. No one thought we would get to such a time but here we are and we have to try by all means to stay positive. South Africa is currently on Day 2 of 21 days of lock down and I know that everyone is anxious and feeling bored so I have come up with 21 Things to do for the 21 Days of lock down.

Get in touch with your Creative Side.

This is the perfect time to see what you can do creatively or even sharpen your skills. From singing, dancing or even painting. Give your self a challenge and take your creative skills to the next level.


21 Day work out Challenge

While you are locked up at home with all the time in the world you can start the 21 Day Work out challenge. This will not only make you have a sexy body but you’ll also feel much more energized.

Read books.

This is also a great time to take out your favourite books and read up on them, If you’re not a hard copy book type of person you can download some online with a cup of Tea. This will refresh your mind as well as help you with Grammer.

Learn how to cook.

If you’re someone who doesn’t know how to cook or has never had the time to try out new recipes, this is the perfect time to research some recipes and try them out.

Join the drinking water challenge.
Water is so good for our health but we most of the time don’t drink enough of it. I personally have had many medical problems due to not drinking enough water so this is a challenge I would like to partake in. You can be more creative with your water by also adding fruits or vegetables in your water.

Strengthen your relationship with God.
If you have been too busy to give your attention to God this is also a great time to talk to him as well as pray.

Prioritize and focus on yourself.
A lot of times we are too busy to give ourselves any attention. We end up being unhappy as well prioritizing other people. With this alone time, it’s great to focus on ourselves and just put ourselves first.

Focus on Skin Care.
Yes girl this is also the perfect time to put on a face mask and give yourself some glowy skin. While we are drinking water and staying away from negative people this is also the perfect time to focus on clear skin that glows.

Binge watch movies.
I don’t think we ever get the time to just chill the whole day and watch movies so this is a great time to catch up on your favourite movies and series’. Bring out some snacks and make some popcorn, wear your favourite socks and dim the lights.

Spring cleaning.

If you’re like me you never have the time to clean the house thoroughly and to the best you can. With these 22 days you can actually dedicate a day to a specific room until you are done and the house is spotless.

Another thing to do is to get in touch with your creative side by taking photographs and posting them on your social media platforms. You’ll be surprised all you the creative ideas you will think  of doing when you’ve got all the time in the world.

Make a list of places you’d like to visit.
If you like traveling like me, you definitely day dream a lot about traveling so you can definitely use this time to compile a list of all the places you’d like to visit.

Bake a cake.
Who loves baking because I do. You can utilize this time to go all out and bake a few things.

Learn a new language.
I know 21 days is not exactly enough days to fully learn a language but you can definitely learn a few words in this time.

Give yourself a mani and pedicure.

I’m sure you didn’t even have the time to do mani and a Pedi so this is definitely the time to sharpen you skills and give yourself a mani and Pedi.

Try a DIY from Pinterest.
Pinterest has a lot of DIY projects and if you’re like me, you really love arts and craft so you can use this time to create some things.

Create a bucketlist.
This is also a great time to think about what are some of the things you’d like to do. You can create goals for the year/month or even week.

Declutter your wardrobe.
I don’t know about you but I always feel like something is wrong when my clothes are not organized and it’s just a mess. So this is definitely a good to organize your clothing properly by colour and type. 

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Watch YouTube  videos.
Who hates YouTube videos? I can literally watch them the whole week if I had to. Who ever you are there is always something for you so utilize the search button and keep yourself entertained.

Declutter your phone.
I always find that I have a lot of applications that I no longer have the need for or even photographs that look the same so this is a great time to just go through everything on my phone and delete everything unwanted and free up some space. This will also help you feel lighter and more free to use your phone.

Make smoothies.
Smoothies are great because you can literally personal them the way you want by adding any of your favourite ingredients. Plus they are healthy and tasty! So use this time to come up with your own unique smoothies.

Thank you so much for reading and if you enjoyed this post please make sure to give it a like. Remember to stay indoors, sanitize and keep safe.


Disclaimer:  Most of the photos used on this post are taken from Pinterest.

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