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Hey, loves I hope you’re well! First things first, please make sure that you are staying safe at home and keeping it clean. About a month ago I decided to create my mood/vision board. This is something I’ve been meaning to do since the beginning of the year but never got the time to. I had printed all the pictures and had a clear idea of what I wanted to do but I never got to mapping it out and sticking everything. Me being Journey, I thought it is never too late to create your mood/Vision board hence today I will be sharing with you all my visions for the year 2020.

Obviously, the year hasn’t really started on a good note and I think that we can all agree a lot of plans had to be put on hold and some ideas had to be completely cancelled out. This is the same with me, there are some visions that I had for this year that are not going to be achieved due to the pandemic. Regardless, I have still added those visions to my vision board because the idea is not only to have everything completed but to also have the idea that sometimes things don’t go as planned.

What my Vision Board looks like.

Personal and inspirational.

2019 was a very long and painful year, I spent most of the time feeling sorry for myself and crying about the things I couldn’t make work. For this year I’ve decided to work on my mental health. Hence, you’ll see that on my vision board I have added a lot of motivational/inspirational words to keep me going.

Examples are “Yesterday you said tomorrow”, “Don’t procrastinate”, “ME – The word I need to prioritize” and “Go and Get it”

Last year really taught me that you are nothing without being okay and therefore this year I would like to put all the effort in being the best me. That means less procrastination and more winning.


This year I’d also like to work more on my relationship with God as well as building my confidence in him. I’d like to go to church more and read the Bible to understand it and be at a place where I can talk to God freely without any doubts.


On the creative side of things, this year I want to work more on building a brand on social media. I want to increase engagement on all my social media platforms as well as even Start a YouTube channel properly. I want to become consistent in the amount of content I produce as well increase the influence that I have on people.

I also want to work with more companies. You’ll notice that I have a little coupon code that I created for myself that’s just to symbolize working with more brands and getting my name out there.


The lord knows that I’ve gotten lazy over the years and that everything has gotten out of hand. A lot of my clothes don’t fit anymore and a part of me is a little upset. Because of this, I have challenged myself to create a fitness routine and to make sure that I stay motivated I’ll be joining the gym.

Driver’s license.

To this day, I still don’t have a driver’s license and this year I’ve decided to get over and done with it. This doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be purchasing a vehicle or anything, but I’d really love to have a license just to learn a new skill.


Something that I’m proud of doing last year is being able to travel a bit. It wasn’t much or anything over the top, but it was something enjoyable and fun. For 2020 I’d like to double the amount of times I traveled by two as well as make sure to travel outside of South Africa. I haven’t been able to go anywhere yet due to everything that’s happening in the world right now but hopefully things will go back to normal and I can travel some more.

21st Birthday Party Celebration.

On the 29th of April is my 21st birthday and so something I had put on my vision board was to have 21st birthday celebration with friends and family. I was busy with arrangements for the celebration party however with everything that’s happening in the world, I had to stop all plans. I thought I could maybe just postpone however it doesn’t seem like things are getting any better so I will be spending my 21st under Lock Down.


This pretty much speaks for itself! I have marked 2020 as the year to make decisions that will bring me money. I want to dedicate this year to executing business ideas and just making an extra income. I have put this on my mood board to not go off track and sort of forget about the initial


Something I want to explore more of this year is fashion. Last year I sort of stopped buying clothing and just tried to focus on getting better mentally, and now that I am better, I would really love to go back to buying fashionable pieces and just exploring my sense in style. I have added a few quotes to my vision board that talk about fashion and this is just to remind me to keep flourishing and exploring my sense of style.

House and Decor.

I have also put pictures of different home decor as well as a big apartment, this is because this year I have planned to either move into my own apartment or invest in buying a house. I would love to move out from home and start experiencing a different level of independence.

That is pretty much all the visions I have created for my 2020 Vision Board. The goal is to achieve at least half of the visions for the year.

Thank you so much for Reading, please leave a comment below telling me if creating vision/mood boards your thing.







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