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My previous couple of blog posts have all been about taking care of yourself and making sure to give out your best. I have realized that we tend to put too much pressure and stress ourselves a lot that we lose it. We forget that we are human and that we can leave room for error. This week I want us to wind down a bit with a pamper day at home. There is a lot going on in the world and we all just deserve to forget about everything for a second and pamper ourselves!

Did you know that a pamper day at home will instantly make you feel better and put you in a good mood?

Whenever I feel like everything is just too much for me, I always make the time to give myself a pamper day. This helps me so much because it gives me time to give myself extra attention and I can just nurse my feeling and recharge.

Many times, when we talk about pamper days people always run away because they think expensive and over the top, but I am here to show you an affordable way to pamper yourself and still feel good.

Before we start, I want you to know that this blog post is in partnership with Four Cousins. Four Cousins sent me their collection of Single Cultivar Wines which I will be incorporating in today’s blog post.

Essentially when you have a pamper day at home you want to focus on yourself and do things that will make you feel better about yourself so please make sure to use the products that you dearly love and that will have a good impact on you. I even stay away from using new products just to make sure that everything goes well.


1. Yourself.
2. Candles (Preferably scented)
3. Wine.
4. Face and body products of your choice.
5. Hand and Nail products for your mani and pedicure.
6. Bubble bath.


Set the atmosphere

Burning candles can be very beneficial to you, this is because they will give you an atmosphere to induce calm and a sense of well being. You will feel more focused and your mood will change for the better.

My local hotspot for affordable scented candles is Mr Price home. They have such a variety of scented candles that come in different sizes and shapes so there is no way you won’t get a candle suited for you.

You can light up a few candles in your bathroom while you take a bath and even in your bedroom or wherever you are choosing to have your pamper day. Trust me, you will feel like you are in another space.

Take care of your skin

Giving your skin all the care and love it needs is the absolute definition of pamper days, so I recommend doing as much as possible. Anything that your skin needs, and you know works for skin, go for it! If you feel you need to tone, exfoliate or even just give your skin that extra hydration, then work on that. I normally will do a face mask and give my skin all the vitamins it needs.

I recommend using products you already know because you do not want to risk trying a new product and having your skin react badly to it. Pamper days are to relax you so please don’t risk trying a new product and then having to stress about a skin reaction.

Mani & Pedicures

If nail polish and doing your nails is something you are not into then you can skip this step, but I think putting on a new colour refreshes me. It sort-of symbolizes a new change and it certainly changes my mood, so I recommend getting a colour that you like and doing you nails. Add some tissue oil to the mix and give your nails some strength and get them looking healthy. You can even give yourself a hand and foot massage using your tissue oil and lotion just to get the blood flowing.


Bubble baths are a girl’s best friend. Please, there is no pamper day without a soak in some bubbles! This is my favourite part of pamper day because I get to think, read a book and give myself some alone time. If you have some bath salts and bath bombs you can definitely put them in the mix just so you can get the full experience.

A glass of wine won’t hurt.

Show me someone who doesn’t love a glass of wine just to wind down. Wine is a staple to pamper day and I refuse to have a pamper day without it. My wine of choice for today is the Four Cousins Collection Chardonnay. This is a medium-bodied wine with an aroma of fresh grapefruit and flavour of creamy citrus-vanilla. I loved the flavour because it isn’t too overwhelming or even on the sweet side, but it tasted amazing. The flavour is so interesting that you keep going for another sip. I did make my Chardonnay a bit funky by adding lemon and some strawberries.

I will normally drink 2 glasses of wine. One will be for when I do my mani and pedicure as well as when I take care of my skin and then I will fill another glass for when I soak in the tub. You can drink as many glasses as you want but I do suggest not getting too drunk because I want you to be in the moment and see yourself giving love to yourself.

That ladies and gentlemen is how to have a pamper day at home! You don’t have to spend a lot of money and it is definitely effective as it allows you the time to focus and take care of yourself. You also don’t have to leave the comfort of your home which is a bonus!

What is a staple in your pamper day routine? -leave a comment!

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